RAF Close Air Support?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cootie1, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm an American so forgive me my ignorance, but I'm really curious about how UK forces operate. Does the UK have any substantial capability tto provide close air support to British troops? Did, or does the RAF fly many CAS missions for British or US forces during Op Telic? Also, did UK forces use the Lynx helicopters in any kind of ground attack role during Op Telic? Thanks.
  2. We attempted to use air power, but you shot it down. :cry:
  3. Close Air Support usually gives us the opportunity to practice our Battlefield First Aid Drills.
  4. Were the Royal Air Farce pilots allowed out of the air con hotels in all that heat?
  5. Come on guys, be nice. It's a fair question and probably doesn't need to be treated with that much disdain.

  6. Saw a tornado drop some flares in Al Amarah. Shame we were asking for bombs. Had to let the septic do the biz in the end. Might I add, a jlly nice job they made of it too.
  7. Coincidentally, writing an essay on whether or not we need an RAF at all at the moment, and whether it can be incorporated back into Army and Navy.
    My thoughts, yes (is the short answer), but that's from a theoretical point of view, and without knowing the inner workings of the MoD, doctrine, etc.
  8. Unfortunately I'm a crab prat and my father asked a few of his friends about this.

    The RAF did deploy Harriers to the Gulf but at no time did we ask for help(apparently a lack of trained Forward Air Controllers was the reason). The SF fraternity did call in some ground attack missions but these were few and far between.
  9. Maybe, just maybe if we had more resorces, enough manpower and a little time to actually get out and train rather than everyone being on Ops, we wouldn't have a lack of trained FACs.

    Or is that maybe asking a little too much? :oops:
  10. War Studies! Ack! Take cover!
  11. What hapened to the TACP?
  12. Nothing to do with Telic but I did see the after effects of one such job in Faizabad. Our lads can do FAC stuff pretty well. The ruins of what was an opium cooking plant proved it must have been the USAF that dropped the bomb though!
  13. Having worked assisting the JHF in the sandpit, I have to say that on the whole they were a good bunch.

    However it all comes down to a lack of airframes.

    But then again why bother spending the money on them, when we can always ask the Shermans
  14. MM, go and slap yourself. Not onyl have you said that the lazy sods at JHF are "a good bunch", but you have taken to using air-berk slang "airframes". My office, 0800 and tell your girlfirend your on extras this weekend.
  15. I used the term good bunch as in

    'If anyone buys me a beer, then they are a good bloke"

    Apart from that we all know that Crab air & associates are just civvies in uniform.

    Extras, its not the first and it not the last....

    Now where is the hole in the fence again.....