RAF clerks!!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mattrlc, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Ive been on tour now for 2 months, and still im paying food and digs and getting no LSA, numerous occasions ive been to the pay office to speak to them about it, and always greated by the same response. "Ill look into it" now apparantly my arrivals chit must have gone missing when I came to the Island. Is there anyway around dealing with these monkeys, I dont think my chief clerk at Regt. can do anything either. Id try take it higher but ive never seen an RAO there, would have been nice too see the extra beer tokens over xmas too. rant over.
  2. Where are you?
  3. I'm guessing Falklands or Cyprus, RAF eh? nuff said :wink:
  4. yeah the falklands. craphole of a place it doth be too
  5. You have my sympathy. :(
  6. when this is sorted out, will it automatically be backdated to the day I arrived or will It be something else to chase up?
  7. Should be backdated to the day you arrived, just keep in the clerks faces till it's sorted.
  8. Did you clear from your parent unit in the uk or bfg first, as that causes most problems with us crab types! Why not just see the army clerk or the snco?
  9. yeah cleared from there, that shouldnt be an issue though, I travelled with someone from the same unit to the same place on the same day doing the same job and his was sorted straight away, Ive tried speaking to the seniors, they pass it back down the chain though for the crabs to deal with.
  10. Just a suggestion......but.........I'd speak with the WO FISU (Army) or OC PSF if you feel that you are not getting the service you should be getting from PSF Flt.
  11. You have to stalk them, hound them and constantly remind them to do stuff - give me a decent Army admin office anyday! Or alternatively, OC PSF or OC Admin if you're really feeling cheesed off, with a copy to the email to your OC/Pl/Flt Comd.
  12. Put a redress into your CoC. Your CO is Legally obliged to investigate it and offer you a resolution within 28 days. I have done this twice for pay issues and both were sorted within 24 hours.
  13. As a Crab, I feel well placed to deal with this problem!

    First things first, don't think you are on your own, we hate adminers nearly as much as we hate movers!

    Anyway, back to your problem. Who have you so far spoken to? If it's one of the PD clerks, then simply go and have a chat with the JNCO. He should square away the issue for you. If that doesn't work, simply ask to speak to the Chief Clerk, and he will sort it out.

    However, I must say that having spent 5 months in Basra with Army SPS running the admin side, I don't think that the RAF have the monopoly of cocks in the admin offices! A bigger bunch of tossers I could not have met!
  14. Auld-Yin

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    Have you ever thought that they just might not like you? :wink:
  15. One of the crab clerks from my unit is currently detached to FI. He is completely and utterly incompetent, as are his peers in the admin office. It would have been considered a real blessing when he was deployed, were it not for the fact he is marginally less mongish than the other fool. However, I do not blame him for being a mong. I blame his chain of command for allowing him to be a mong. The Cpl, who is supposed to supervise him and his mong colleague, is also an incompetent fcukwit, but I don't blame her nor do I blame the SNCO Chief Clerk, I consider the OC to be at fault as he is ultimately in command, but alas he too is a complete fcukwit.