RAF Chief becomes new Chief of the Defence Staff

Biscuits_AB said:
Perhaps Sir Jock may give consideration to a Forces Federation?
I imagine he'll be more open minded than his predecessor.

Gen Walker says, in the interview:
"The world is changing, we need to change with it, we need to become adaptable, we need to become flexible, we need to be expeditionary."
Just so long as all that change and flexibility doesn't involve changing anything, eh Sir Mike?
"Interestingly, more than three quarters of the British population think that the armed forces are a good institution."
So said the outgoing CDS.

Hard to know whether to laugh or cry, really.
...and reading the rest of Gen Walker's replies to the interview questions, it strikes me that he was rather lamely attempting a bit of New Labour-type spin in much of it, while injecting a bit of rah-rah 'our boys' guff for effect plus some text from the departmental PR about 'positives' and 'negatives'. I thought that British military leaders these days were supersaturated with the do's and don'ts of political and PR nuance. Not impressed, frankly. I hope the crab chap does better.


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Whiskybreath - when someome reaches the dizzy ranks these people have they are no longer 'servicemen'. They are civil servants who have some time in uniform. The role is not military but to do what your politicos want you to do - even if that is not the best military solution. This is my own humble opinion which I am quite happy to take up with the denizens of Whitehall.

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