RAF Chef!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gnr300, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. last night i had the misfortune to bump into a raf chef who then goes on to tell me how difficult his job is compared to mine even though he is a sprog who just started it trade training. He then went on to tell me his farther was a rockape gunner and that was one of the most hardest jobs in all of the military!? I had to walk off and get my self anouther drink before i thumped the little crow.
  2. While he is obviously a knob I think that you just clinched the biggest knob title for posting this shite.
  3. Have you tried frying eggs at 6 in the morning at -20????
  4. Please enlighten us with your capbadge/trade (I'm assuming RA by your username). Then we can all take the piss and thus help you to respond with some witty repartee rather than acting the hard cunt and embarrassing yourself when he twats you with a spatula!
  5. You fuckers need to be a bit careful... We're training Ninja Chefs nowadays... That spatula isn't what it seems... :wink:
  6. Fair play to the lad, he attempted the hardest course in the Forces. Not one b@stard has passed the cooking course yet!

    My hat, and coat. Thank you and goodnight.
  7. How is your lad doing A_A, is he still a cook in the RAF, or has he been promoted to McDonalds now? :lol:
  8. sorry for the bone thread but in my alcohol fueled state it did wind me up.
  9. Do RAF chefs go to A/Stan ?

    Just asking (I've never seen them).
  10. They go to A/Shot.
  11. And why were you talking to a crab in the first place?
  12. Anger management needed Gnr. Bless the poor crows cotton socks.
  13. "Now, gents, this is what's called a pan, and a spatula.... Bollocks, I forgot the rest, that'll do."

    Some damn hard training that.

    *walks out*
  14. F*ck me,
    Anyone who gets out of bed and cooks me a scoff is ok in my book.
    I couldn't care less about what they think about themselves.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The was one RAF Chef (a Cpl) who I knew at Kinloss in the JR mess,Now this chap could cook!!lunchtime he was normalyl on the short order hotplate & his ommelettes were the best I have (even to this day!) tasted.As a sideline he made wedding/birthday ect cakes,profits going back into the mess to but things like a tv for the lounge bar bit of the mess. (he made the cake for my nieces christning as well as the crimbo cakes.
    However when the occifer types found out how good he was they tried to pinch him for their mess,but the mess WO saw it differently.
    I gather he now owns & runs a very sucsessful little pub eatery in England now.