RAF catering squadron sustains charity Sleep Out

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 13, 2012.

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  2. I made myself an egg banjo for lunch.

    With brown sauce.
  3. Is there no end to their talent?
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  4. New headline - "RAF feed pampered few trying to raise money by going camping"

    I read about the same thing happenng in Canary Wharf, those sleeping out were treated to "sleeping out" under a massive tent with the use of heating and catering facilities, so much for " getting the taste of being homeless". The RAF kitchen would have done a lot better by setting up and actually feeding the homeless, not celebs and a few highly paid bankers, that would've been REAL news.
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  5. I suppose they're only catering to what the RAF are used to. Heaven forbid they should have to cook in arduous conditions, or eat in them.
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  6. How interesting.

    The Military support to Charities - not supposed to be seen to be favouring one above others. No charity work to be done in 'Defence time', so presumably all the Crab Slop Jockeys in this detail were either off-duty or on leave? No tax payers' money is to be spent - I wonder who paid for all the grub?
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  7. 'RAF feed celebrity dossers' doesn't have quite the same ring.

    Never, in the field of celebrity dossing,
    was so much served, to so many, by so few'.
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  8. :)
  9. "During operations in Libya we fed 500 Service personnel every day. We class ourselves as the spearhead element; we are among the first to be deployed and one of the last elements to come home," said WO Dixon.

    Hahaha, come to BATUS and feed upto 1800 per mealtime daily, you ****ing slackers
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  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Yep it takes highly skilled and dedicated people to make 1800 meals,

    Inedible :-D
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  11. TBH, you can't really go wrong at BATUS, burgers, steaks, chips etc ;-)
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  12. The RAF news feed must be desperate.
  13. I'm having pork chops for dinner.
  14. You on my fb friends list ? Half the dullards on there insist on telling me what meal they are having . *****