Discussion in 'Aviation' started by teen-smiler, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. hey
    this probs isnt the right place to post this but i didnt know anywhere else
    im currecntly in year 11 and thinking about joing the RAF as a catering officer,however i do not know much about the job and the brouchures i have are not that helpful andat this stage i dnt want to go to a carrears office/ place.

    Any help would be much appraicted
    also what shoulkd of degress would be syuited etc?
  2. I don't think they accept immigrants, mate. Well, I assume you're an immigrant, with grammar and spelling like yours.
  3. I do believe that the ability to read and WRITE in English is required for a commission in the RAF, and try the RAF website
  4. So......



    Filling my mind.......

    Cannot express my disgust.......!

    Mate, please dont be too upset, but let me get this right,

    You want to be;
    A an Officer
    B a Crab Officer
    C a Crab Officer with no combat role what so ever
    D a Crab Officer who will be trained to throw cocktail parties at the whim of the station commanders wifelet

    With the greatest respect, please, please find a more fitting place to ask this question,

    maybe on a Royal Air Force site?

    Feel free to have a look about, and realise the error of your ways, and get a :x grip :x of your career aspirations in the Armed Forces.

    Ah..... better now......
  5. How hard is it to type RAF in google? or were you looking at arrse's and just happened to come across this site!
  6. I do hope he comes back. This could be fun.
  7. G11, strange as it may seem, but I was on a bus the other day, when lo and behold, there was an advert for the RAF. Nothing strange there you may think, in this time of heightened activity in the Armed Forces, jobs needing filling and the like. But no, this was an advert to join the RAF as a Steward, not the flying type, a ground based person, a fucking glorified waiter with the chance to move into the hotel style career, such as making beds and generally being a skivvy. Now I know that the RAF comes in for a lot of stick, but they are hardly helping their case with ads like this.
    And breath !!!!!!!!
  8. The Royal Navy still have stewards, I believe.

  9. My point being, Litotes, was the fact that they weren't advertising for Rockies or Ground crew, etc as well, just stewards and nothing else.
  10. All RAF cooks are highly trained professionals who are not only trained to cook to the highest standards, but are highly trained in weapons handling & are ready & willing to defend their stations against enemy paratroopers.

    As an officer you will have management responsabilities as well.
  11. -****-! You know, I've been wrong all these years about no moral fibre and esprit de corps in the trades of the RAF, how misinformed could I be?

    The fat and shifty looking civvie-in-uniform RAF NCO's I see about, unable to control their blokes because 'its not my job, and I dont like the confrontation' were all highly trained in weapons handling & are ready & willing to defend their stations against enemy paratroopers

    I stand corrected Sir!
  12. sorry i shall correct it

    This probably isn't the right place to post this but i didn't know anywhere else.
    I am currently in year 11 and thinking about joing the RAF as a catering officer however i do not know much about the job and the brochures i have are not that helpful and at this stage i do not want to go to a carrears office etc.

    Any help would be much appraicted.
    Also what sort of degress would be suited etc?

    is that better??
    sorry for that typing i agree it was horrific, and i am appalled and yes i am 100% english and whoever said
    "hope he comes back" - or similar

    i do not think so
    however any help would be appriceated and yes i know thats spelt wrong
  13. Try http://www.e-goat.co.uk/
  14. Blimey - a whole page of posts and nobody's millimetric wah-o-meter is twitching. Not even a little bit?

    If not - then let's at least try and poach chaps.

    RAF Catering Officer = Class 2 Soldier, probably. So - do you fancy not being an object of scorn and derision for your career? Don't join the RAF, join the Army.