RAF catches Russian bombers in UK airspace

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by rockape34, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. The Scotrman


    THiS striking picture shows the RAF intercepting two long-range Russian "Blackjack" bombers after they breached UK airspace off the Scottish coast.

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  2. Bring back the "Cold War"
  3. ow well lucky we can count on the french to help us out when we need it .......... I wander if my Nan's still got the anderson shelter in the back garden? :D
  4. Is time for the "I want my Cold War back" thread to make a come-back? I'll get into character as padre by doing something religious - like taking a collection
  5. Collection? And I'll go and hide in the gym.
  6. The Russians made great enemies. You just needed to avoid going to actual war with them and life was cushty.

    Can we have that back again? Only, with goretex this time round?
  7. Have you got two Herforder tops for a Warsteiner by any chance? I don't really want to tip a whole 9mm case...
  8. nnnnnnnnno, not again , i have sold my SLR and spare mag's, all my DPM has faded and my "war" reserve of compo in the NBC bunker under my cammo SHED has past its reheat date!! My DMS have a hole in the left boot , the wife has been wearing my thermal longjohn's for the use of and there is no way that the compass i" acquired" on discharge is still magnetic.
    The noddy suit went fishing years ago, some bsr*td nicked my respirator from the bogs at Anfield when i took it off to have a pee ( came in handy up the Kop, those scallies never wash) Still got my helmet crewman ,but it's full of dahlias, Fc*k it , they need to give us more warning, and have they forgotten we dont do weekends/public holidays.. bloody Russians got no manners these days, we used to have it all worked out by mutual consent, thats it we are cancelling our guided tour of the gulags this year brs*tds

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  9. Just out of interest, who else's airspace do they fly through to get here and as a result, why isn't there a flying circus of Western European Air Forces' fighters breathing down their necks?
  10. They'll come north into Barents Sea, take a left, skip past Norway - who do follow them and then they'll get passed onto us. Or do you believe they suddenly appeared over Stornoway with no warning at all?
  11. to defend the UK from unidentified aircraft entering our airspace, or aircraft in distress. 8O
  12. Pretty sure they piss off Norway when they do stuff like this.
  13. It's bloody brave or extremely foolhardy to fly all those miles, at that height, in such an elderly aircraft. If it became a shooting war they probably wouldn't have the manoeuvrability or spare thrust to get out of the way.

    The Tornado I mean, not the Blackjack....
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  14. Well you can never be sure with these Reds. My mum said I was never to trust Ivan and she was right. Fancy that?! trying to sneak in passed Norway.
  15. I strongly doubt that the Russian planes violated British air-space. The newspaper refers to 'the sources' and to 'the insiders'.

    They are no more than rumours. Likely as ever the planes flew close to the borders.