RAF - CAS only for the highest bidder?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Wilco direct debit through strafe away

  2. No I dont fancy giving my credit card details on BOWMAN

  3. Allah Akbar my cousin in Jeddah will give triple

  4. Whats the the refund policy

  5. It should be investigated as a viable alternative

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  6. No just give the RAF more Eurofighters and all will be well

  1. In an effort to reverse the marked decline in the RAF's funds and equipment, and in keeping with Government innovations to other public sector entities*, should market forces be applied to the world class skills the RAF has to offer. As an example should CAS only go to the highest bidder?**

    *Note for obvious reasons concerning International Drug Cartels having much more money than UK PLC this initiative will not be rolled out to the Royal Navy.

    ** Obviously not other Sovereign Governments
  2. I think CAS for the RAF is quite a low priority which is a shame cos they freaking good at it!! They make the Yanks who woun't come below 10000 look like amateurs!!

    You can't beat the sight of Harriers screaming in at about 200 feet AGL well unless you count a Tornado pilot trying to turn his airborne double decker on a sixpence cos me as the FAC cant tell his left from right lol
  3. I think that's wonderful. Here in the US, West Point revolutionized their posting system by letting people bid for them online (i.e. want posting in Hawaii, willing to serve 2 extra years). Surely, with that new-fangled Bowman you could easily write some software for that.
    "Hello everyone, this is Crab Spaz. Alright, who wants CAS, over?"
    "One-Zero Charlie, surrounded by Taliban. Willing to extend contract by five years for CAS."
    "Boring. Who can do better?"
    "Foxtrot-Oscar, we're also surrounded by Taliban. If you come to us, you can sleep with my wife next week."
    "Much better. Going, going-
    "One-Zero Charlie, you can sleep with my wife and my daughter, over!"
    "Going, going-"
    "Foxtrot-Oscar, my wife, my twin daughters, and my son!"
    "Sold! Now, are you willing to pay extra or do you just want dumb bombs?"
  4. You seem to forget that bowman doesnt work and trying to send all that by sinal mirror would be a pain in the ass!!
  5. There might be some mileage in Corporate sponsorship as well. You know the sort of thing: Navy by Morgan's Rum or Vaseline, REME by Kwikfit (You can't get thicker than a sh*t-thick fitter), tankies by Ronseal (does exactly what it says on the tin).

    In any case, being Crabair, they'll want something with a bit more pizzazz than just flogging their services. How about a reality TV show where viewers phone in on premium rates to vote for who get's the support? Call it 'Stars in Their Minds'.

    Obviously the Taleban will be the panel of judges with final say on whose drills are good or bad, but at £3.00/min they'll make a hell of a lot more from this than poppies.
  6. I think a Major Loden of 3 Para would disagree! :twisted:

    As for the 'Yanks' not flying before 1000ft:


    Maybe you're happier in jingoistic delusion world?

  7. On the other hand maybe I was an operational artillery/naval gunfire spotter and FAC and know what I'm talking about having worked wiith the American Air Force in Afghanistan and Iraq!

    Not disputing their courage, skill or ability of the pilots but more so the policy of only doing medium level CAS and relying on smart munitions. Which is the cause of the majority of the blue on blues that involve USAF aircraft! Ask the SBS after Marzr Sherrif! (excuse spelling!)
  8. Now now 'meiktilaman' thats a bit under-hand. I mean coming on here and posting actual experience rather than hearsay, conjecture or plain old scuttlebutt. Shocking.

    A mate of mine who knows a bloke down the pub who works with a guy who used to know someone in the TA who once went on a training camp with a guy who served in Afghanistan told me that the RAF pilots never get in their a/c and just call over the net that the weather is too bad to fly so that they can watch a bit more BFBS. The same guy also told me that RAF pilots make up their RoE's as they go along, just to annoy the PBI.
  9. I heard that too.
  10. Meiktilaman,I am not going to disagree with you but as a fellow FAC with operational controls in my black book ,I may have a slightly different angle on the subject. It is very true that US A/C do not operate below 5''angels'' ,this is more to do with doctrine instead of lack of kahunas .They have awsome pods that can read a rank slide at 23 grand from 20nts.So really they have no need to fly at low level.Where as ''biggles and ginger'' in a GR 4 will happily come down low enough for you to admire there waxed taches.Because it is a part of the RAF doctrine to fly at low level.

    Every time I have controlled US A/C on a ''TIC'' it has been a long winded process to get them down even to 5 grand,where as requesting a GR4 to do the same, I have had to reel them in because they want to scream over the Shia flats in 300 ft ,which is just asking for trouble.The differences between the RAF and USAF/USN/USMC are great but in my experience ,they all do a superb job,differently.For effect on the ground and getting the message accross to any would be insurgant a Tornado is fantastic,it gives our troops on the ground a lot more confidence knowing seeing and hearing CAS.But in the big picture, having a pair of F15 E's /F16 C's at 18 grand with all of their pods working is a lot more effective at finding out what is happening and have CAS ready to drop/show of force/presence.GR4's can also do this however their pods are not as good.

    meiktilaman was I am FACASP with you or did you send your guys to Cyprus this summer. as Yoda says ''may the force be with you''
  11. If you're going to ask fast air (particularly RAF) to drop down into the range of ManPads then they will probably want to get down on the deck, fly flat out & get back up above the ManPads before anyone gets a chance to pop one off at them. It's quite a nervy moment on the way back up & the flare button takes a hammering every time!

    Tonkas are very effective at low 'psychological flypasts' & will scare the crap out of anyone not expecting them or at least distract them for a few seconds so, IMHO, they are a worthwile exercise.

    US Pods are awesome & may well appear on an RAF Harrier near you soon!
  12. Loafing you are spot on, however there was never a second doubt the RAF crews would come down low. I requested a low level pass at 2000 to a GR4 he came back and said ''i would rather 500ft'' . Bloody good crews ,but I would never knock US air as they are bloody good to , The best have to be the crazy F-16 pilots ,they sound like they have drunk a crate of Redbull .
  13. Not knocking US CAS, I would imagine that any fast air is good fast air from an army point of view & lets face it, the US kit is better.

    I'd quite like a cannon on the GR7, that's my only gripe with the a/c. Should the new pods come along (looking likely) then we'll be able to offer an excellent package.
  14. Yeah, he really looks like he's doing CAS :roll:

    Suprised you didn't mention they (US) also drop below the hard deck to land and take off too. :lol:

    Nice pics though.
  15. Paveway it wouldnt have been me in Cyprus I finished FAC in 2005 and left the army this last may (22 years finished!) so unless cyprus is a new oil rig then we havent met met! However fiar chance that it would have been some of the 148 lads i know when i was training sgt there i took every opportunity to get the lads and me away for any FAC concentration. Especially one in Cyprus! All i ever got was the RAF place at the end of the roman road with all the russian gear whose name totally escapes me, otterburn and on my FAC course we got to go to Denmark for 2 weeks cos of foot and mouth!