RAF Brize Norton

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mongoose, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Anyone help me out?

    How near is Brize Norton to Carterton? Ie if I get a bus to Carterton will I have to tab about 20 miles to get to the gate?

    And, is there anything to do there whilst waiting for a plane to land? Other than annoy the crabs of course. I've had a look at the station website but I think I'd trust the views of arrsers more...

    Also, I assume a MOD90 is good enough ID to get in? (will have driving license etc too)

    Cheers for any info, useful or not.
  2. There's a bus stop at the gate.

    Take a book, a thick book.

    A MODF90 will get you in, as long as you're going there for a reason.

    Where you flying to? Tenerife? Barbados?
  3. Go to the Gateway Hotel, watch TV, get plastered (if the bar's open), play video games. Make use of the Internet facility (log onto ARRSE).

    Look at the aeroplanes.

    Take a long walk.

    Repeatedly walk past the automatic doors at the Gateway.

    Look officious and say "Where's your hat?"

    There's lots to do.
  4. Just to ask a daft question - why on earth are you not getting taken there by Unit MT or otherwise? Or are you a spotter wanting a bit of spotting time? If you are meeting someone, don't they need transport too?
  5. He's probs picking someone (something?) up.

    ...That or cruising for squaddie cock...

    T C
  6. I'm meeting someone there, not on official business,

    We'll get a taxi back, although I hear that there may be transport provided..
  7. RAF Brize Norton is really at Caterton, not Brize Norton (village) (well, as far as Royal Mail are concerned)!

    I'd say between 5 to 15 mins walk from anywhere in the ORs patch/ Caterton shops to the main gate (yet RAF chubsters still use their cars, the fat knackers!).
  8. Yes. Try to pick a day when it's not raining.

    There is a service bus that runs from the Main Gate to the Terminal, but I don't know the timings.
  9. There is nowt to do until they come out at arrivals - quite like a normal airport - were you hoping for something more spiffy?
  10. ah, sounds useful.

    Burger King/Duty Free :twisted:
  11. I forgot. There's also a designer coffee place in the Terminal as well. Get a newspaper before you arrive, though. The newspaper kiosk keeps some funny opening hours.
  12. Be prepeared for the flight to be cancelled or diverted to Aldergrove or Lyneham ....

    In other words just planed to be fecked about
  13. That place is hell on earth.
  14. Wander up and down the corridors, letting every swinging door bang behind you thus keeping everyone else awake all night. Saves them missing that early morning call.
  15. No - hell on earth is actually at South Cerney - not far away, but close!