RAF Brize Norton - Questions in Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VerminWA, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Even Nick Soames is into bashing the RAF and Movers, Go Nick Go!!

    The whole debate is on Hansard Armed Forces Personnel Debate There are many other good questions asked but I warn you, it is quite a trawl!
  2. surely "for 6 months"?

    I liked the 70s decor and the little souvenir shop.

    you know its never confirmed with crab air until you leave your final destination.
  3. The Crabs are now using C130s to get you out of BAS - this seems pretty reliable.

    The biggest problem was with the civvy charter. We were delayed for 12 hours, and then couldn't take off with all our luggage because it was too hot for the plane to get airborne.

    Oh.. and they make you sit in the plane at Teeside for a few hours.

    I think Fatty might be referring to the experiences on TELIC 6, where there were some real shockers caused by the reliance on Tristars. I honestly think the service is pretty good now.
  4. I think Fatty Soames does the RAF a disservice. The problem is not that the RAF are being difficult, but that like much of the army they are having to do a lot with very little. The strategic AT fleet consists of VC-10s (over 40 years old) and TriStars (already old when MOD bought them secondhand). Given the age of these a/c it is no surprise that they regularly go u/s. All the RAF people I know who deal with AT are as frustrated as everyone else about this situation.

    During my RAF career I was regularly delayed because passengers turned up late, or ignored the DAC regs (imposed by the govt/CAA, not the RAF), or didn't have their documentation. I've also sat for hours at South Cerney, Brize and Basra waiting for delayed flights - it's incredibly annoying and frustrating, but most of the responsibility must be borne by the politicians whose failure to ensure adequate funding and procurement of timely replacements for aging a/c - just remind me who one of the Ministers for Defence was at the time - that'll be Fatty Soames, then.

    Nowadays, the situation is compounded by the current government's failure to adequately resource troop movements. It could be easily resolved in many cases by flying chartered a/c into Kuwait and either bussing or heli/herc lifts from Iraq, or by leasing a/c and mobilising some of the RAuxAF AT pilots who currently work for BA, Air 2000 et al.

    I used to have time for Soames, but of late he seems to be basing his opinions on his own short service as a junior officer in the cavalry 30+ years ago, and doesn't seem to have understood that times have changed.