RAF bombing illegal: Foreign Office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Is it possible that some of the flyboys may be hung out to dry by the MoD?

    I believe that they were bombing SAM sites and comms nodes to make it safer to gain air supremacy after the formal declaration of war.

    From the Guardian


  2. Is this guy a complete nipple. The whole point of bombing SAM sites and comms nodes was to make it safer for our flyboys to police the no-fly zones and in doing so PROTECT the citizens of the no-fly zones who saddam had a penchant for massacaring!
  3. I'm not sure, wasn't there an RAF Squadron commander in the Gulf that expressed disquiet at some of the taskings?

    It was that documentary produced just after the war, I think he came from the same unit that lost the Tornado to a Patriot battery.
  4. Horses have bolted - quickly chaps, lock the stable door!!!!
  5. I'm sure the Judge and Jury are being assembled at this very minute for the up coming trials of the perpertrators of the heinous crime of taking out SAM sites!!!!

    Didn't the SAM sites used to lock up on the planes regularly?

    Yet another incident of how combatents are going to be shafted for doing our jobs!! At this rate the ALS will expand to a lawyer in every tank/section/aircraft to advise the commander on the legallity and ramifications of following his orders!!!

    Tony and co will allow it to happen too, as per bloody usual. Takes years to get a one eyed, hook handed, raciest phsycopath off the island, but just look how fast they get soldiers in the dock for things that are blown way out of proportion by the hippy peacenic community!

    The already cash strapped MOD will have to pay for more defence fees too (sorry lads no more body armour)!!

    Is it me or is it ironic that it's the Ministry of "Defence" nowadays and not the WAR OFFICE!!!

    What's in a name?
  6. I would assume that Lord Goldsmith is busy scribbling out the legal justification that he gave to the cabinet (contradicitng the opinion of the FCO's lawyers) on the back of an envelope or similar at this very moment....
  7. ...whilst making a 'note to self' to get rid of those pesky juries in such cases, to ensure the right result for Neue Arbeit.
  8. Can you ever see the USAF with this problem why is it only our Politicians and media who stab the Forces in the back?
  9. As I understand it, the distinction is between attacking SAM sites and their support structures, and attacking general military infrastructure which didn't pose a direct threat; the first being OK, the second being a no-no.

    Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound...
  10. 5 Tonnes of Bombs!!! Thats 10 x 1000 pounders, hardly dresden. Each Tornado GR4 carries 3 x Paveway 3 enabled 1000 pounders so thats 3 & 1/3 aircraft. Even 20 tonnes is still only 40 bombs. People neeed to get some perspective. Targets were SAM sites, Comms nodes and any MBRL or TBM within range of Kuwait (as laid down in the UNSCR). We still missed a hell of a lot as all those wearing face slugs following a "lightning, Lightning" on 20 Mar 03 onwards will tell you.