RAF bomber shot down in 1953

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Private_Pike, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. I know this would probably be better off on EGoat, but I recently had an interesting conversation with an ex crab about a RAF bomber shot down over EAST Germany in 1953 by a couple of MIGs. Apparently no one survived and the official Russian line at the time was that all the parachutes failed on the aircrew when they baled out. A coflicting report had the Migs shooting the parachutists as they drifted down. Anyone else out there remember or hear about this?
  2. Showing how little I know: what was an RAF bomber doing over East Germany? Surely with "relations" as they were you wouldn't want to fly something over Soviet territory unless it was at very very high altitude. Given that the crew wouldn't bale - or at least deploy parachutes immediately due to altitude.
    Apologies for lack of coherence - friday night drinking
  3. It was also unarmed and the official line was that the pilot had miscalculated the wind drift and had veered off course
  4. Thank you. Suppose in those days the Ruskies didn't need to be sneaky beaky with radioactive substances :p
    Will be very interested in replies from people "in the know"
  5. 50 years are up as well - but it is the first I have heard from that - it would certainly have caused a bit of an alarm...
  6. Isn't that the Lincoln that came from RAF Leconfield ?
  7. Good reading!!!
  8. Two days later, an RAF Avro Lincoln (serial RF531) of the Central Gunnery School was shot down in the Berlin Corridor, again by MiG-15s; seven crew lost their lives.

    I live just up the road from Leconfield so was interested when it came up in another book "Ariel Espionage"
  9. Polar, Ibelieve that's the one I was told about. The pilot is buried in the cemetry there. The only one returned AFIK.
  10. I'll see if I still have the book
  11. There's more info available at


    There are - as might be expected - rumours and suggestions that there was a bit more to the flight than just fighter affiliation (perhaps trying to provoke a Soviet AD reaction to see their response time, in the not unreasonable expectation that the Sovs wouldn't open fire), but nothing has ever been conclusively proven (again, as might be expected).
  12. Years ago I knew a Crab, Radio mech who told me that when in Cyprus the PR Canberra's they had did secret missions to, well no one KNEW.
    They stopped the day Garry Powers was shot down.
  13. What, did we get spooked because it proved that soviet missile systems work in high level engagements?
  14. If when you say 'spooked' you mean that various overflights became unviable because the threat was too high then yes.

    You make it sound like a load of pikey ponies bolting across a council estate.