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RAF Blue Combats ?

Anyone got the latest gen on the rumoured trial of an 'RAF Blue Combat Style Suit' that is intended to replace working dress for Cadets and certain trades?
Any pics out there?

IMO it has some plus's, but also minus's. Its just introducing another line in the clothing range as I'm sure they'll keep the current working dress for all the Officers and adminers.
In this time of .......... basically, the country being skint, why are we wasting more cash to develope, trial and introduce this new kit when the brass could say right, everyone will wear PCS MTP as a working dress and we'll just have RAF Blues as NO.1s for parades. Too much common sense there!

However, the change does depend on the traditionalists (read stuck in the mud, oh, we must keep the RAF Blue footprint!) agreeing to the change over.
The desire to keep an RAF Blue footprint is bol###ks. Joe public see a uniform (regardless of colour) and immediately think Army (mainly)(or security guard. I was mistaken for a civiy copper yesterday whilst in RAF Working dress btw!).
We are going one uniform- PCS for everyone, different colours for the different services, although I can see what you mean about their current "working rig" becoming an office uniform, but last I checked if they are on ships serving with us then they also get issued RN number 3 uniforms with black and gold versions of their own rank slides.
As of this year everyone is MTP according to the nice picture board advert thing in Stores. We had an MTP CS95 type combats come out for abit, now its the new stuff. No word of a gay blue thing though, except the new working dress coverall has gone from green to blue with an RAF badge on it, is that the stuff people are on about?

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