RAF better equiped than Army counterparts!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CH512O, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Lunchtime reading (sad i know!)on the Mil Intranet and came across a article how the RAF Regt, deploying to Afghanistan soon, have been given permission to grow beards for the deployment. Now i know its happened before but maybe for different reasons for what the RAF are saying. They say they will gain the respect of the local populace with beards(?), but as they are going to provide security for Kandahar Airfield, i dont think there will be much need for mixing with the locals!
    The thing that got my attention was a quote from their Sqn Ldr who said..
    "We have our own, organic, Weapons Support Flight providing 81mm mortar indirect fire support. We also have our own organic sniper section able to provide covert surveillance and interdiction of insurgent activity and then we have three Rifle Flights, which have their own direct fire support in the guise of the heavy machine gun, all of which means that we are considerably better equipped and more capable than our army counterparts of similar sized organisation."

    Are you!!?? Well then, lets get you in your desert pink landrovers and get you lot out to Sangin to provide your much needed fire support and better capability!
  2. Usual nonsense. RAF Regiment have a collective chip on their shoulder about "being better than the Army"

    I met one some time ago who insisted that RAF Regiment were in fact "special forces" [or at least as good as the usual special forces suspects].
  3. Yes, I've had many a chuckle over that.

    They weren't so special when they got booted out the Woodbine Cafe in Stanley.
  4. Ah bless, it's nice that they get to play with all the toys isn't it. As long as they stay inside the playground fence, obviously!

    Special Forces? Special Needs, more like.

    Before this turns into a Rifraf Gooner chinwobble, I would add that there are some extremely professional rockapes about (certainly their FACs are topnotch), but their case is not helped by cnuts like that Sqn Ldr spouting off about how their Dads are bigger than Gen Dannatt, nernerner.
  5. Bearing in mind that the Sqn Ldr has provided a breakdown of his arsenal, can anyone add some objectivity to this p1ssing contest? E.g. a rifle coy has A,B and C, whereas a RAF Reg Sqn has X, Y and Z?

    (I've always found rockapes to be a bit walty, have you seen their berets FFS!).
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    It depends on how you are task org'd. Our Coy group (T1) consisted of a rifle coy plus MSG of mixed milan/.50 HMG mounted WMIK, a section of mortars plus MFCs, FOO party and ANGLICO team. Snipers/FAC etc were added if required.

    Quite a useful group, but all entirely dependant on task, assets available etc. (The value of your investment may go up as well as down, and this particular mix should in no way be taken as a guarantee of how any other units or coys are, or have been, grouped, nor used for reference purposes).

    It depends on how you want to show it - Army tends to have basic rifle coys and then "bolt on" extras as required for the task, RAF Regt appear to include them all as standard, but then compare themselves to a basic rifle coy, not coy group.
  7. Well an independently operating Light role Inf Coy could have atts from Mortar Pl, SF Pl, A/Tks Pl, Recce and so on, so it's a bit of a fallacy to say the Rockape Sqn have more kit. You cut your cloth to suit the requirement (as long as you've got some cloth left). Add to that the comparison of a Warrior Coy to the light blue perimeter patrollers, and you might agree the Sqn Ldr's talking cack.

    Edited to add: Beat me to it, Duke. Bugger.
  8. Also you have to remember, as i mentioned, they are going out to provide security for Kandahar Airfield, which not detracting from that its an important job, is still roving patrols (veh or foot), static positions and QRF. Hardly something to compare to a Inf Light Role unit or the such like, that this Sqn Ldr is doing.
  9. Yeah, but could you take them in a fight?

    Seriously, if your coy group was tasked for airfield defence a la rock ape, would you consider your kit to be overkill?
  10. I always found it funny how rock apes used to talk about being one of "The big four" (Para reg, booties, THEM and the rock apes). A mate of mine who was a bootie said he was on a course one time and there was a rock ape on it too who stated that he would only speak to other members of "The big four"!
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No such thing as overkill! :D

    If he has got it, and can take it with him, then he should. I would not blame any commander for taking as many firepower assets as he can get his hands on. If the Mors etc are not required in role, it is additional manpower for stagging on.

    Better to have and not need etc
  12. Whoa whoa whoa fellas!
    the quote was "better equipped" and they probably are. When was the last time you had carpet walkways between your tents in the Desert? The RAF have better comfy chairs than you lot and the room service is far superior.
    Their navigation is better too (as long as they stay next to the big flat bit with aeroplanes) and dare I say it they have a more macho wardrobe what with all those walty bits bought from the PRI shop and "guns and ammo" classifieds
    THeir food is also much much better than the skanky crap you lot eat AND they have "showers per man" ratios not men per shower.
    They might even have more in the way of firepower!
    However I am prepared to bet my lunch that they might not have as much idea as to which direction to point it or even dare I say it the full nouse, skill or experience to use it to its full capability.

  13. The Rockape I'm working with at the moment is a) hacked off about people in his Regiment saying stupid things like that and b) not getting the chance to actually help out the Army where they can.The impression he gives is of a well motivated bunch with a LOT more training time that the average Inf Bn because they aren't spending every other six months in the sand- but of having no experience at all in Inf matters above Coy (though he's pretty sharp on GBAD). However, as long as Mr Torpy pays for them and not CGS, that's how it'll stay, I suspect.
  14. Waiting for the incoming.........

    and Hi to Flight sgt Phil XXXXX who is currently out in the sandbox with the rockapes and who I base my base and foul insults on... can I borrow yer bike?
    They are OK really for what they do and I am sure that there are knobs like Sqn Ldr farquarson- warner the third quoted above who humiliate decent blokes by making them the butt of torrents of sarcasm in any unit. Its just that there seem to be rather a lot of them in the RAF Rgt.
  15. Themanwho wrote:

    Feck me, things must be bad if we need to call in airstrikes on our own perimeters!

    I've heard of "train hard, fight easy", but some of the tales I was regaled with on a parachute course by some JROC puppies were riduculous. It's as if the RAFP spent basic raising and lowering barriers weighed down with a C-130 or pilot's wallet & watch (whichever is the heaviest!)

    In this time of cuts to our already limited resources can we justify this expenditure?