RAF base being haunted by dog

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by ECE-Tech, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. MoD News - Dambusters Dog Spooks RAF Base

    It is no wonder the dog can´t rest in his grave.
    He´s obviously read the posts that the Dambuster Raid is going to be re-filmed by the Americans and they are going to change his name.
    No matter whether they like it or not, the dog´s name was nigger, not digger or anything sounding remotely similar. You cannot rewrite history.

    Being ex-army myself I apologise for intruding on a RAF forum but my my now dead maternal grandfather was ground crew/armourer for 617 and loaded up the lancasters for the dam raid among others.

    The dog is one part of the history of 617. If the americans are going to change that, what else will they try to change?
    The dog, nigger, is probably only the first of the ghosts come back to haunt their tormentors.
  2. Lots of rumours regarding Scampton's Nigger. It's been seen at Woodhall Spa (about 15 miles away) , at the unveiling of the Memorial, also, supposedly in the last couple of minutes of the Dambusters movie, running around behind Gibson and Wallis.

    Along with the reported ghostly airmen in WW2 flying gear, the publicity does the local area and Scampton no harm. Nothing to do with threats to their Heritage centre ;)
  3. I saw the thread title and assumed Dolly had passed on.
  4. It's a great tour if you get the chance, due to recent events respect tells you not to pester for a tour anytime soon. However alot of interesting bits to see, strange ones such as "Niggers" gravestone was moved from in front of the actual hanger (current location) to one down the apron for the film (Why?) other bits and bobs are the actual aiming method, i.e. not the little Y shaped bit of wood you see in film but a bit of string and a pencil!
    Plus a Blue steel missile, lightning cockpit, and loads of awesome photographs, paintings and memorabilia. Well worth a visit and it's free. The guide we had was very good and was tipped as well as donations to museum Upkeep (see what I did there lol) made.

  5. Could be worse, they could have used a golden labrador and called it wigger.
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  6. Or maybe a tiger and called it "tigger"

    Now that would be funny
  7. I sometimes wonder if 617's airgunners fed Nigger on eggs and butter like our DGs used to do to OC Gun's mutt?
  8. All wartime airfields are haunted especially those that were Bomber command, I kid you not some of those old dispersal's, empty hangars and crew rooms can be a bit spooky at 3am. The Glim lamp shed at Wittering had quite a reputation when I was there.

  9. Hate to burst your bubble but the Yanks aren't changing owt. The Dambusters re-make is being filmed in NZ by Peter Weir with a screenplay by Stephen Fry.
  10. I'm sure Stepehn Fry is the best person to get into the mindset of a typical RAF type.;P

    It was the snowdrops fault, if he hadn't run nigger out the guardhouse, it would have been such a happy ending.:|
  11. Not sure what all the fuss is about - plenty of Army bases are haunted by dogs; especially on a Saturday night.
  12. I beg to differ, they are rarely dogs on Saturday night, however they morph into dogs by Sunday morning.
  13. RAF ghosts are ten a penny. The annals are filled with tales of phantom hitch hikers on perimeter tracks,voices of long dead crews and ghost planes.By the way you've to call Gibsons dog Afro-Caribbean these days.Air Mechanic Freddy Jackson is quite a compelling story though, a guy who walked into a propeller but apparently unaware of his passing turned up to the squadron photo a couple of days later.A face was seen behind a someone in the back row.It was easily recognized by his squadron mates as the face of Jackson.The chap that took the group picture apparently couldn't have had any idea of the accident.spooky eh.
  14. As long as they lick your bollocks and don't want to marry you who cares?
  15. East Kirby control tower- very spooky