RAF/Army Commission

Looking at all the avenues open with regards commissioning. Have the recommendations from my CO from my own Regiment but also considering RAF for the following reasons.

1.Not classed as an LE actually attend RMAS equivalent.
2.Commisssion is for 16 years not 6 years.
3.Current Service is taken into consideration and given 50% of that time in seniority.

Obviously the disadvantages are those horrendous blue worsted trousers.

Anybody got any thoughts, heard any success stories, or why it's a complete non starter.

Helicopters merely beat the air into submission

Know of one who did. Passed the selection for transfer with ease? Mind at the time He was also posted on a RAF station and I think he had little help from the Station Commander.

Had a easy time at RAF officer school. Only lost points as,he put it " I was expected to help everybody with everythig during physical training abd during the Field exercises".

Transfered to the Blues and first posting was to Cyprus. Has also said a few times that the life is better for him and his family and 'little" things like organising Adventure training for the station was looked on like black - magic. How do you do this sort of thing ????Do some more and have 27 golden stars and a shiney report card.

He loves it, only drawback if flying a desk.
Depends on what you want really. I'd also double check on the 16 years thing for those joining late. For some reason this raised a question mark in my mind - probably depends on exactly what age you are.

Also - what do you want to do in the RAF? What do you do now? Fair enough if you're looking to move over for good reasons, but what do you bring with you? You will find overstretch, pissed off people and similar gripes as the Army has, but a different flavour of all of them. As for planning expeds - cool if you can get the time. I ran a couple of expeds but not for a while - the jobs have had me screwed so much that AT has not been an option.
PM if you want specifics from a Crab viewpoint.

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