RAF are "Soulless Killing Machines"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TJPANDV, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. As if my life isn't sad enough, I was clearing out old e-mails the other night and found myself reading the synopsis from one of last week's episodes of the Archers (my wife's the fan...no really) and was astounded to read this:

    Date: 13/7/2007

    Alice and Amy have a clash of opinions when, on a shopping trip, they see the RAF handing out information about joining the forces. Alice is interested – although Amy insists that the RAF are just soulless killing machines.

    I think that Amy may be a little over the top - I suppose its better than being called "Utterly Useless."

    I'll have to try and live up to this "Soulless Killer" lifestyle next time I get to fire my 15 rounds down at the 25m range - I may even get some on target. As a first step, I'll have to try and stop dropping too many pencils.

    I wonder if this is the start of a new storyline - or even a spin-off? Alice joins the RAF as an Engineering Officer, Sid Perks becomes a Harrier mate and Eddie Grundy takes over as CAS.
  2. Souless? Yup. You ever been into a Crab Mess? More atmosphere on the moon and more culture in a pot of yoghurt........
  3. But it's all going to backfire , cos Alice is going to join as an engineering orifice....ooops, did just say that out loud!
  4. I misread the title, thinking that standards had dropped in the Malc, and some blunty was moaning about 'soul-less vending machines'.
  5. 'Soulless Killing Machines' is a bit harsh. I don't think we have a single 'killing machine' in the whole force. We do, however, sell our souls to Beelzebub on joining up.
  6. Beelzubub has wised up and is selling them on as a job-lot on e-bay.
  7. I think she might mean in the Bomber-Harris-Thousand-Plane-Raids-Dropping-Million-Tonnes-Of-Incendury-Bombs-On-Dresden sort of way. Not in the Poncing-About-In-A-5-Star-Hotel-Eating-Foirs-Grais sort of way.

    Still, if thats how Joe Public sees you then so be it.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Souless Killing Machines or Fashion icons...really can't see them managing both....
  9. Or either, frankly. :)
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What the 'A' list boys are wearing around Dresden! Soulless is the new black. Deadly on the catwalk, they show no mercy to hacks!
  11. What - in those romper suits ??
  12. Bugger, I was booked in for my annual 2 day "Ponsing About" refresher course.

    I'm pretty sure this is the first soap opera to show distain towards Bomber Harris I think the rumours of Alf Roberts having a pop at Harris' bomber offensive whilst supping a pint of mild in the Rovers back in the mid 70s are unfounded.
  13. Dunno about that. Almost 10 years on I still have nightmares about a P&A clerk in Leuchars who looked like he liked his women like he liked his coffee... ground up and in the freezer.
  14. 12 years service in the RAF and not a single day spent in a 5 star hotel. :(

    I knew I should have stayed in the Army. :D
  15. they do a nice line in rugby shirts and slacks ideal for cleaning a triumph stag in :twisted: