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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Seeing as it seems we have a few visitors from the other services here why not give them a section each in the "Boards by Arm/Service" section
    being as it seems they can't get their act together with their own sites, just let the army do what they always end up doing and prop the buggers up as usual :lol:
  2. Visitors from other services? Here? Shurely shome mishtake!
  3. This came up a few days ago with GCO; Crab consensus seemed to be that we like it as is, but there was no real input on that thread from the RN/RM, so intresting to see their views.

    GCO does not want to go "purple", and I agree. There is a Crab site out there, but it is utter pump, I think a RAF board may dilute the essence of what is “ARRSE”, which is after all what brings a scuttler like me here anyway, from working many years in a green environment rather than a light blue one.

  4. Well having been drafted at the JOC down MPA waaaaaaay back when everyone was still in awe at the mystery that was the L85A1 Rifle Sling, and currently serving in the same purple shithole as Gibson097 (also on this forum) I've been exposed to a little more Percy and Crab than most of my contemporaries in Grey Funnel Shipping Lines. Having said that, this is Percy's Rumour Service after all, and while I appreciate the proposal that Jack gets his own section of ARRSE I for one probably wouldn't use it as it would defeat the purpose of my visiting - to see how the other half (or third) live and have a good laugh at the slagging (rightly or wrongly) the poor Crabs get.
  5. Most RN/RM/RAF stuff that goes on the boards is appropriate to current affairs, int cell, NAAFI, military history, films. We don’t always post first, especially if there is a good slagging of our service in it.

    I can’t see matelots routinely using ARRSE boards (or an ARRSE RN board) to enquire after the mess fees in the Wardroom or WO/SRs Mess at HMS Whatever or the merit of one naval tailor over another.

    There is enough tri service stuff here where it seems the input of matelots, booties and crabs is welcome by Percy. I’m sure we’d get fcuked off at the high port if we started banging on about stuff outside our orbit.

    I like it as is. Thanks for having us.
  6. Concur with my Senior Service friends here,
    I joined ARRSE to get a better understanding of what makes you broen jobs tick and what your issues are (in your own service as well as with mine). It has not disappointed and I too rarely contribute to PPRUNE now due to the amount of whingers and wannabes.

    I see no reason for a 'purple forum'. Again, thanks for your hospitality!!
  7. It's been mooted a number of times, but the actual tr-service user base is comparitively low, and most enjoy the brown-job/crab/grey funnel lines banter too much to want to be self-segregated. If there's enough genuine demand, such as the multi-national forum, then the CO's would be happy to provide.
  8. Being an infiltrator meself ... not just RAF but *shock horror* A WIFE 8O ... I think leave the forums just as they are. This site is great, you don't need to put sections for other forces in it.

    just a wifey's humble opinion :D

    VIk xxx
  9. Great!! does this mean it's open season on the crabs?
  10. so long as you supply the anti-biotics mate ;) :lol:

    You let Jolly Jack (I refer to the Naval collective rather than this one specific 'erbert) and its Way Hay Castaway, run ashore pussers goffers offers man overboard and before you know it hes telling everyone we're Bezzers and everybody on ARRSE is invited round to Gibsons' cabin for wets !
    Iam compromised SIR compromised. going deep going deep. and changing my name to Julie !

    See you for a fag in 10 shippers ;)
  12. As long as you're buying, Brigadier!
  13. We do seem to have a fair few Andrew on board (f*cuk , sorry at this GRID) though.

    But only the one Jenny , lovely as she is. :D

    Any more?

  14. YOU SEE !
    It spreads, they pop into your office all flares and hornpipes with a Ahoy ship mate and fancy some nutty and a wet, sippers shippers.
    Before you know it your not going down town for a few beers ! Its
    "run ashore" ??

    Fellas we are "ashore" we cant get any more "ashore" if we tried.

    and then AND THEN ! you start slipping up like poor P.T.P. in his post and their language spreads into yours like a navy blue cancer.

    Are you going weekenders ?

    you effed up Lofty you'll be in front of the Joss before you know it !

    clear lower decks !

    I need help.
  15. We are Jack of Borg, you will all be assimilated, resistance is futile. From this moment forth you will all service the Pusser!