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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. I'am trying to find any information about RAF Aldegrove during WW2. Was it used for training as many NI Airfields were or did it have an operational role?
    Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Aldergrove opened in 1925. In WWII it was an important base of Coastal Command operating into the Atlantic. I have a signed print of a Shortts Sunderland in my study that was the last Mission of WWII it was either from Castle Archdale or Aldergrove. I had the privilege to be invited to 72 Sqns disbandment. I had flown with 72, 230 & the Chin Det many many times. The Sappers from 38 will be taking over RAF Aldergrove soon and it is a sad day when we have no RAF Airframes over here. The AAC will remain in a reduced role the other side of the airfield.
  3. although 38 have invaded our accommodation, stand by for a slow decline of the camps facilities as well :(
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have recently discovered that my grandfather and his brother were stationed there from 1940. Has anybody got a link to photos? Mission articles etc?
  5. Used by both Fighter and Coastal command from 1940 in 1934 502 sqn with Westland Wapiti MK2 where there in 1937 -39. 97 sqn with Heyfords and 502 sqn with Hinds. in 1939 502 stlll there but with Ansons

    502 were formed there in may 1925 and stayed untill 1940

    59 sqn march 1943 - May 1943 moved to Bally kelly

    120 sqn dates not known

    `143 sqn reformed at Alder grove from 252 sqn June 1941 flying Beufighters for a short time posted there a few short spells

    152 sqn Spitfires Jan 1942-Aug 1942

    160 with Liberators 1942 aircrew only as ground crew on cnvoy to India At Nutts corner but some aircraft at Aldergrove

    220 Fortress
    226 Blenheims
    233 Blenheims
    236 Blenheims detachment only
    245 Hurricanes jan-may 1940
    252 Blenheim, Beaufighters April 1941-june 1941
    311 Czech Wellingtons April-May 1942
    501 Spitfires Oct42-April 43
    502 see above

    All these unit served in Northern Ireland at some time during WW2 and were at Aldergrove at some time

    Of course the best unit to serve there was the 17/21 Lancers Air Squadron from 1969 -1972 flying the mighty Sioux AH Mk1

    "The RAF Handbook "
  6. Castle Archdale was a flying boat only base it's Land runway was at St Angilo
  7. Northern Ireland Airfields

    opened in 1918 now Belfast Airport

    Ballyhalbert Co Down opened June 1941 FAA 1945

    Ballykekky opened 1941 used by USN 1942

    Bishops Court opened April 1943 used by USAF

    Castle Archdale Coastal, opened Feb 1942 renamed Lough Erne renamed Lakeside

    Cluntoe opened jul 1942 USAAF to RAF in Nov44 E of Omagh

    Eglinton April1941 FAA

    Greencastle jul1942 USAAF S of Kilkeel

    Kirkistown 1941 RAF Regiment training, FAA dummy deck landing

    Limavady FAA

    Long Kesh Nov 41 Coastal

    Maghaberry Nov 41 USAAF

    Maydown FAA

    Mullaghmore Aug 42 USAAF FAA 1944

    Nutts Corner Jun41 USAAF

    St Angilo Apr41 MU and Coastal

    Toome jan43 USAAF

    While the US Army wher in Ulster there must have been hundreds of Piper Cub Airstrips as well as these
  8. T66

    Did the USAF not operate out of Langford Lodge in WWII ?

    I also thought the Maze Prison was a previous Airfield ?

    Was Derry/Londonderry Airport not a Military Airfield for the Fleet Air Arm & US Navy ?
  9. Funny enough I can't find Langford Lodge in the RAF Hand book
    The Maze was Long Kesh, and Eglinton was used in WW2

    And I have lent out my coppy of "Action Stations" covering NI
  10. In 1970 in the area of Maydown Eglinton airfields the shape of an aircraft was seen by a passing Army Helecopter, a servey was carried out and the aircraft dug up by the REs it was a WW2 Barracuda bomber from the time the Fleet Air Arm were there and the three man crew where still in it , It made front page news at the time as the familys had been given coffins to bury in 1943, It is now re-built and in Yeovilton

    The US Navy had a base in Londonderry up until the 70s in Waterside just up the road from Ebrington/ HMS SEA Eagle, on the other side of the road and the ran a shuttle flight from Machrihanish in Scotland to RAF Ballykelly/ also HMS Sea Eagle with an old RD4/C47 transport aircraft
  11. Here is a load of info on the " World War 2 Talk" war in the air " website you might check out
  12. Here is a load of info on the " World War 2 Talk" war in the air " website you might check out, with some realy good photos of Castle Archdale then and now