Radovan Karadzic was "protected by UK"

Quote-" was ordered by superiors in London to leave Karadzic alone"

....to put his occasion of capture into the party coffers, ready for when rough weather arrives.

Fcukin'ell, it doesn't really matter 'cos he's a bit of a cnut, but isn't the world a really****ed up place. (apologies-smashed on wine :D )
He was protected by the French. He lived in the French sector not the British one and since Blair ordered UKSF in to take part in the snatches of PIFWCs [Persons indicted for war crimes] shortly after he took office - at Clinton's request - it seems unlikely that the Brits would have been holding off at this stage. The first SAS snatch took place on 10 July 1997 so it also unlikely that Ramsey would have said this in August 1997. It might well have happened before then however, under Major with Hurd as foreign secretary, the US ambitions to arrest Karadzic were seen by the Foreign Office as a "dangerous adventure". But the US plan to snatch Karadzic wasnt ready until April 1997 anyway and on May 1 Blair was elected.
whitecity said:
How strange.

B92 in Belgrade is reporting today that Florence Hartmann as saying the CIA and US were protecting Karadzic.

So was it the French, the Brits or the Yanks> Or was he just holed up in Belgrade practising his black magic. :)

I met a guy in a pub a couple of weeks ago who assured me the Septics had faked Slob Milos death and the Slob was actually hiding in Florida. Iwas about to start getting logical with him and then realised I was still where my avatar says I am so gave the idea up as a complete waste of my and his time.

Did I mention he had been drinking? 8)

Its tinfoil hat time :twisted:
If the UK was protecting him, I wish they had told me when I was deployed on one of 3 tours in the Balkans. Although to be fair on the last trip I got to focus on illegal logging, instead of looking for war criminals - so perhaps the government was distracting its own forces away from Karadzic.
Yup, it's tin foil hat time. Karadzic is expected to blame absolutely everybody for protecting him as he defends himself at his trial. Some of those closer to the regime than was tasteful hope that his, er, scattergun approach will undermine his own credibility and protect them from proper scrutiny.

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