RadOp Trade - will it die a slow death

Discussion in 'RLC' started by wood_gnome, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Now it has been confirmed that the Dvr/RadOp trade will cease to exist losing the Dvr and becoming just RadOps or should i say 'Logistic Comms Specialists', How will this effect retention or recruitment?

    With a trade with only one WO1 (not counting the made up job at DRLC for pension purposes) in trade, the MD or Dvr route was one of the ways that DvrRadOps could have a full career. The promise of all the E2 post opening up is a 'red herring' as most of these jobs are rank ranged and 99% of the time will be filled at the lower rank.

    Lets be honest a SSgt in a Tpt Sqn is a lot easier than being a SSgt(BSMU) in a Regt, getting paid the same. you cant blame people for jumping ship.

    The argument that it will be cheaper to train a RadOp due to the fact that he only does B+E instead of the full Service Dvr course at DST is blown out of the water when you realise that most vehs in the army today and lined up for the future are all 'C' vehs.

    I dont think this has been thought through, there are no incentives,and for a trade that is already 25% below strength and getting worse the trade will die.
  2. Still better than being a Flatliner though
  3. The pay for the BSM(U) has to increase on technical merits alone IMHO. The job has far more responsibility than a Tp SSgt or any equivalent in the Dvr trade. Having done both, I can speak with confidence on this one.

    Have to agree with a lot more WO1 slots opening up, such as RSO posts in TA units and some E2 posts, although as mentioned they will always fill at the lower level on the E2 posts, which are mostly rank ranged.

    The sorting or these 2 issues would go some way to help retention, however I don’t believe there is much of an issue at the SNCO level which is where these problems arise.
  4. im going in december and becoming a driver rad op, so if rad op is seperating from a driver trade when is this?
  5. What is the WO1 going to add that the RSWO at WO2 doesn't? Same bloke at a different rank surely? RSO at RHQ level seems a bit of a non-job really for the TA, and from my experience is usually misemployed, seeing as how it's the RSWO who has the knowledge and experience. RSO course versus 20 years experience? Hmm...

    I'm less enthusiastic about the plan that seems to be NRPS'ing the RSWO (especially as VEng seems to be the way forward) as I don't think that keeps the incumbent as current as the Regular Army WO2, who usually brings the uptodate signalling experience and knowledge from both ops and training so that the RadOp who deploys on exercise or on ops gets the benefit of this knowledge.
  6. I agree totally that the rank of WO2 will bring no less experience than a WO1, however it opens up more slots for us, rather than just the 1, or 2nd if you include the "new post". With retention being mentioned in the first thread, I only contuniued on that theme as more jobs to push for can help when we do go to single trade.
  7. Then perhaps the answer there is to lose the Officer RSO and make it a WO1 posting? And roll that out to all RLC regiments?

    It improves the promotion pyramid and therefore retention for the RadOp and I don't think that losing the RSO profile for the officers is a showstopper.

    This is why I don't think that NRPSing posts helps, as it just narrows the posting and promotion options for people.
  8. Surely putting the post to a NRPS is only saving money! As you mentioned, we need to keep the job current with promoted RSWOs, with recent operational experience filling these slots, thereby giving our TA cousins the best possible comms expertise.

    As for regular units, I don't think they will get rid of the Capts RSO slots as these are reguarded as top posts, along with Adjt and Ops Offrs, even with the rumour of a lack of Capts. It would improve our promotion pyramid though and would help the trade greatly, however I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Interestingly, the Royal Signals is very probably about to merge its Driver Lineman and Technical Supply Specialist CEQs into a single one. MCM Div and the RSIGNALS TDT have been going about canvassing opinion for it and have set up steering groups, which mean they'll probably do it. Those two trades (which are bracketed under the Logistician CEG) have always had a non-career. They are forced down the RD route, as there is simply no defined through-life logistics route for them. It seems barking bad and rather expensive, in both financial terms and at a personel level, to recruit and train someone to have a logistics career then pull it away, often at Cpl level.

    Why don't they just make all RSIGNALS drivers and stores specialists LSNs an RLC liability, while making RLC Rad Op posts a RSIGNALS liability (they have a Comms Sys Op trade which is the all round operator trade and Bowman wizard). After all, we all gave up our own capbadged guys in the LAD, cookhouse and orderly room years ago - so why would RLC need to retain its own capbadged signallers while RSIGNALS retains its own drivers and supply specialists. If each Corps is the Army's respective corporate subject matter expert in those fields, training to be the best in that field of "core/corps business", then isn't that the best way of achieving excellence?

    The counter argument is that statistically, each person would be more likely to do more away from a mainstream "Corps" Regt, although that could suit some.
  10. The whole point of this is to save cash, The planners never see to look towards the future, We are criticaly short on RadOps at the moment and if you make the trade less attractive people will not wish to join it

    Its simple if you wish to recruit into a trade then you have to make it as appealing as possible and reducing a persons chance of making it to the top purely on not having a enough places (especially when there is only one shot at being a WO1). Then you arnt going to join.

    You have to remember that the calibre of person selected (or it was in my day) is higher than the bog standard driver (and no this isnt a dig at them or any other trade within the Corp). That is why the Master Driver role as so many RadOps within it.
  11. The advent of BOWMAN brings new technical challenges to the role; the driving bit is just a sideshow now anyway, so losing it from the trade makes little or no difference. Rad Ops are still employable outside of trade, just as anyone else is (for the right candidates!)

    The increased technical training (App Spec course, for example) opens new doors for employment elsewhere in the field army as IS managers at formation level, thus increasing the Corps' exposure and providing more varied employment at SNCO / WO level, not to mention the oportunities opening up after leaving.

    No point in WO1s replacing RSOs, the officer still has a valid part to play which is more than just comms planning, although the exact employment will depend on the CO, but a third regimental officer has all sorts of uses.

    Any Rad Ops out there should get as many IT quals as possible and get out into the field Army and represent the Corps as best you can.
  12. Reading comments in relation to the Rad Op trade are very interesting, however some are very narrow minded and individual. Firstly, any individual worth their salt will progress through the ranks using opportunities from a wider field. Admittedly the WO1 posts are not flush within the trade; however as we move into a more technical force, windows of opportunity should increase.
  13. If you lose the driver portion (admittedly no great loss) of your trade, do you not just become a Signals trade? And one that i believe no longer exists within the Signals.

    This being so what purpose does it serve to Logistics?
  14. A Rad Op colleague was telling me the other day how threadders he was with all the trade change nonsense going on at the moment. Stuck at WO2 with 4 years left to push and only one (real) job available for WO1. I feel sorry for them having to do all the Rad Op, as well as all the Dvr courses to get promoted only to be told sorry bleeps you're losing half your trade and the chances of WO1 are non-existant.

    BUT.....apparently there may be some E1 posts opening when DRLC take their heads out of their arrses.

    Feel sorry for you lads & lasses!