radios fitted to FV432

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nuttydon, Jul 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have an FV432 which was used by various signals groups BAOR. According to its paperwork it was converted early in its life from its APC role to a 'telegraph station carrier mounted'.

    It still had its original front mounted radio rack and the loom for 3 sets when I bopught it and there is also eveidence in the paint work that another radio rack was fitted to the back of the left hand track sill and a big loom fed it.

    Does anyone have any information on the kind of layout and radios or decoders used in these 'telegraph stations' and what their role was. (spoecifically late 80's/early 90's but all info is great to get)

    Also if a Clansman 321 is fitted on the std radio rack in a 321 where do the SURF and TURF units go? (they can't stack on the 321 as usual due to the radio racks shelf). Do they have a plate to mount them to a spare radio mount?

    Cheers for any help

  2. opsec old chap ;)
  3. It would have had "larkspur" Harness "B" in its original form not Clansman, so B47, C42, C42z. and a BID 150,
  4. Hee Hee Hee. If info about a 432 fitted with larkspur or clansman effect operational security, I will eat my hat.
  5. BID 150, sitting with the key chain around my neck, crapping myself that Spetznez were out to get me, OPSEC my arse

    I'll bet most of you dont have a clue what the f**k I'm on about
  6. So, nothing new there then ;)
  7. As I was PVed, and sworn to secrecy I would probably still have to kill you for even knowing the number 150
  8. If it was an ex R Sigs veh from late 80's to early 90's then it would more likely be an ASV436 fitted out for Clansman - does it have additional armoured housings on either side of the roof, and armoured VHF antenna mounts? If not, then in all probability, it would have been retired from the Corps either having had Larkspur fitted, or just as a Clansman bus ex Bruin.

    As for 321, the SURF/TURF would have been mounted separately to the radio - iirc there were 'upside down' mountings fitted to the roof. Also, if you plan on making it look like a 321 fitted vehicle, unless you fit 2 x 321, there is no need to fit a SURF - that was only ever required in twin HF dets - and you see so many of these 'preserved' FFR types with more kit in than the entire QM Tech ever had on the books, so don't go OTT - all vehicles would only have the minimum required for role.

    Photo of the interior would help with your query.

    Spotter hat off!!
  9. Is it a MK1 or MK 2, petrol or diesel engine, all told there are about a dozen different variants of FV 43 series AFVs some like the 434,and 438 stand out but others have long historys and had multiple rolls in their service lives
  10. I think X, Y and Z should cover it
  11. Most of you weren't born when the 432 came into service in 1962, even I was still in school,so it would have had Larkspur in its origanal fit. Most of the stuff you mention would not have been fitted until the late 70s early 80s.So the front rack would have had a C42/45, and a B47/48, and the rear would have probable been two C42/45s depending on unit, and maybe a C13 HF set, the bid 150 was one of the secret "Black Boxes" in fact it was a very early scrambler unit fitted to the C42Z, it had a punch card that set the scrambler code and only PVed Ops were given the keys needed to change the daily card,
  12. I presume you mean Spetsnaz, if so what were they doing operating in Cardiff Tescos?

    I raise your two shits to DV and 432 Driver Maintenance Instructor course taken at the Infantry Wing Bordon.
  13. It's all griddle and super griddle to me so I'll slidex off.
  14. Still trying to forget all that crap, it was like being in the dark ages compared to the stuff they use now, FFS I bet we could have run the whole of 1BR corps if we had had a Lappy and a GPS,and mobile phones, what, no Don 10,must have layed thousands of miles of that shite all over Germany
  15. True, but having experienced pre-Larkspur (cadets) then Larkspur and then Clansman (TA) I'd have to say that the older and more awkward the kit, the more satisfaction there is in operating it.