Radios are so 1990

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Chimpy(forever), Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Why are the army still using radios to communicate? Most mobile phone networks have excelent signal cover these days and are usable in most places. Also, if you were all on Orange, for example, you could phone each other during missions and get extremely good rates. Also, if it was a stealth mission and silence is important, then you could txt your message as opposed to shouting down a radio and alerting the enemy to your presence.

    So, will the mobile phone ever replace the radio? I for one think that it should. And soon!
  2. Wah. The Prime Minister wanted us all to go onto using mobile phones a couple of years back. They made the mistake of running the trial at Blandford. No comms no bombs. :)
  3. Go away (forever) Security? Secrecy? Or are you just wasting your own time?
  4. The mobile phone is still a radio
  5. hELLO
    yOu HERE
  6. Those static BTS (Base Tranceiver Stations) would make a nice target for the enemy............ D1ck'ed
  7. At least the toms would know how to work them.
  8. LO plonker i ned assis.................................battery credit..........................aaaaghhhhhhhhh
  9. Hello 0 this is 1 I have arrived in Blandford. Hello?..............Hello?..........
    Oi anyone with a signal can I borrow your phone please?
  10. One word, TETRA.

    Seeing masts is a little funny these days.
  11. You still need masts for TETRA is you go anywhere off the beaten track (like Army camps)
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Sat phones are good - as long as someone else picking up the tab...
  13. Cell networks go down - look at london and NY during the terror attacks,
    The mobile phone infrastructure is not very secure and not encrypted ( text is certainly not encrypted!)

    I know I advise them on securing the networks!! (they are beter now than when I first spoke to them LOL)
  14. you f***ing mong!
    just goes to show your understanding of communications systems.
    mobile phones are radios.
    uplink and downlink freqencies to a fixed trunked network...ring a bell?

    better if you said.. mobile phones are so 1970's (which they are cos we had em first)
    better if we step forward "INTO THE 90'S" as you put it and go with simple radio.
    when the majority of your network is blown to shit and you just wanna talk to someone 30 miles away, it doesent come much simpler or easier than radio.
    Try giving the HF a go sometime too, it does work you know (if you can be arrsed to read the book about the principles) :twisted:
  15. Copey you wouldn't know one end of a handset to the other :D