Radiology / radiography

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Radiology / radiography

    quick question - what's the difference between these two? my missus is showing a vague interest in the field, but all i know is it is something to do with x-rays. is radiography a field included in radiology? how does she go about becoming a radiologist? is it a full degree, a post grad year, or a one day seminar (stand behind screen, press button ;))?
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  3. thank you very much, that's made that clear then. think it is radiography she was looking at. she's just finishing her degree in genetics; not sure she is ready for another 3 years of baked beans and duffel coats just yet!

    does the radiography degree include a large biology segment? just wondering what modules / credits / points (or whatever they call it) might be transferable, if any.
  4. sorry to bump this back to the top, but any answer on the above question? anything transferable from her genetics degree?
  5. there is a reasonable amount of biology - the basics of cells, tissues etc - basically enough so that then people won't stuggle with the radio-biology (how radiation affects the body). There is also a lot of anatomy - not just what stuff is but what each bump on each bone in the body is called etc.

    If seriously going into it she should contact some uni's first and ask whether she'd be able to skip biology modules and stuff.

    hope that helps
  6. Is there any reason that she does not wish to use her genetics degree?
  7. Radiographers have certain, how shall we say......"standards"......if your "other-half" looks normal they will never take her......,I mean for gods sake, you should see Techx3 8O ........he's not allowed out in daylight :wink:
  8. cheers fellas (and ladies, i can't tell on here)

    she doesnt want to use her genetics degree to go into genetics, because she has become sick to death of it over the last 3 years :)

    it seems if you dont like lab coats and smelling funny, genetics is not the career for you. shes a bit more normal and sociable than that, and i think the idea of zapping people with radiation all day appeals to her sense of megalomania :lol:

    well, it's either that or i will find her up a clock tower one day with a sniper rifle...

    as for how she looks dui-lai... well, she's stunning, so the army's out :) and radiography too from the sound of it. so is techx3's screen more for public safety than protecting him from radiation then?
  9. My screen is actually to protect me from DL, who is completely insane, my stunning success with women has rendered him (as reported by a reliable scource) totally impotent. I don't think all those years of looking at poo has helped him. 8O

    If, CR, your good lady wishes to be a radiographer then I will help as much as I can. Regardless of what ventress will tell you (when he takes time away from masterbating over old 1033's) It is a good job. If you wish some help please feel free to PM me and we can go from there.
  10. so you're saying duilai is a scatologist? never saw THAT trade in the manual!

    very kind offer, PM inbound!
  11. what fecking planet are you living on at present Golm :roll:

    And there is nothing wrong with looking at poo..........just because I have a collection of it :twisted: ......and a few videos as well :wink:
  12. are you one of those guys who sticks cameras up peoples bums then duilai?
  13. No I test bodily fluids for a living.........and shaag QAs when I can :oops:
  14. I told you he was impotent. :lol:
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