Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by thedurdles1, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Im considering transferring from reme tech to radiographer, is this worth me attempting, i know i have the relevent qualifications, but i ve heard that they only take 2 people on a year. is this true. Also, there is a selection board, does anyone know of the content of it, and what i could to to aid my selection.
  2. now what is it? radiography or med and dental tech?

    if you do not know what you want after 7 years i would suggest civvy street...
  3. What :? Who mentioned Med and Dent :?

    thedurdles1 - Here is the definitive answer although I am not one of the glow in the dark types myself, some of us have some self respect :wink: :-

    To sum up your questions:

    There is the opportunity to select up to 4 individuals this year, including direct entry and trade transfers.
    The academic requirement has been raised for next year from 160 UCAS points from 2 A levels to 220 from 3 A levels. You will also need 5 GCSE passes at Grade A, B or C, to include English and either Maths or Physics. Previous degrees or BTEC's, which most REME have, need to be checked on an individual basis.
    Individuals need to be free to transfer from their current trade, i.e. no time bar, and are strongly encouraged to visit/work in a radiology department prior to the selection board. This is the area where most applicants have failed in the past as they didn't know enough about the profession and what they did on a day to day basis. If you have never set foot in a radiology department, except as a patient, how do you know what you are letting yourself in for?
    Radiography selection boards sit once per year in Jan/Feb for the Sept intake. It consists of a written assessment, presentation on a given subject and an interview and will have a minimum of 4 board members including the Head of CEG and a representative from UCE.

    Hope this helps and good luck. :D
  4. Nope still don't see it, he said REME tech but there is more than 1 type of REME tech :roll:
  5. Oooops :oops:

    OK you've proved you know how to use ARRSE better than I :wink: