Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by harrymaskers, May 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm ex bootneck currently studying physiotherapy at Essex Uni and currently in my first year. If I’m honest I’m totally disillusioned with the course and the future prospects of the profession and therefore considering a course switch. I'm keen to stay within the medical environment and have looked at a career in Radiography, it appears to be in greater demand and have quicker career progression than physio.

    My lecturers have tried to persuade me not to leave and keep reminding me Physio offers more kudos and autonomy than radiography and in the long run is the better career option. Would any radiographers like to persuade me otherwise?

    Radiography seems to offer some interesting areas of practice i.e. theatre work and A&E whereas my experience of physio to date has been old ladies and walking frames. Can any serving radiographers comment on the pros and cons of their job..

    Any comments/advice appreciated.
  2. i'm not serving,but i'm a civvie radiographer and i love my job. Yes it is very varied and interesting with trauma and theatres etc but there are also more and more opportunities for specialisation ie MRI,CT,Vascular,Ultrasound,Gastro-intestinal and the possibility of doing reporting courses as a role extension.PM me if you want any gen
  3. can you get on a radiographer course? Are you thinking of rejoining the Army once you qualify?
    Radiographer and youll come in as a junior rank, possibility of commisioning once you are a SSgt, TA take radiographers as officers i believe, physio and youll be up against it, there is a glut of physios in the Army and dozens attempt to join each year but they only take when their are vacancies.
  4. I dont intend to rejoin as a regular but would definately like to get involved in the t.a once qualified.

    Will the army pay to train you to degree level and if so what are the prereq's and return of service - if i'm honest I dont feel working hard to gain a degree and then rejoining the ranks is much of an incentive!
  5. Hello Harry
    I'm an ex-service radiographer. I understand that the numbers situation is pretty dire at the moment. I can PM you the details of the current head of CEG if you wish to get the details from the horse's mouth.
  6. To be honest it sounds as if you are unsure of what you want to do, as your other post mentions teaching, so before you make any decisions visit a Radiology Dept for a few days. As mentioned by bigbird there are a multitiude of specialities you can undertake after you qualify, but how do you know if there is anything that interests you unless you see for yourself? There is a lot of debate over what is "autonomous", both professions have autonomous practice but the arguement is to what degree. To be honest it should not be what you are basing your career path on. I am not sure what the long term career is for physio's but there are now several consultant radiographers who not only report but carry out many procedures previously reserved for radiologists.

    The Army do pay to train radiographers but you would need to rejoin. The next selection board will not be until Feb 08 for the Sept 08 intake. Minimum requirement is 220 UCAS points from 3 A levels, including a science subject and 5 GCSE's including English and Maths or Physics. The course is 3 years with 3 years return of Service after qualification.
  7. Voodoo child - thanks for your input much appreciated.

    I've spent a few days in a radiology dept and found it interesting but it's only a snapshot of what it's like to do the job day in day out, I also spent a few days in a secondary school and that was also quite enjoyable. However it's important for me to make the right decision for the long term hence I’m trying to seek out advice from like minded individuals on this site.

    You're right in what you say, I am a little lost and in need of some direction. I had six good years in the RM, after the initial liberation of leaving I am now realising the reality of civilian life...not terribly exciting is it! All I want is a career that offers professional status, a bit of variety, potential to advance myself and a reasonable salary (not easy to find in Suffolk). By re-training as Physio I hoped this would tick many of these boxes and secure my future but instead it's left me with a lot of concerns and uncertainty.
  8. [align=justify]CONGRATULATIONS[/align]

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  9. So the bottom line is, you would like the Army to pay you to train as a civilian and then join the TA? Hmmm, Playing Devils Advocate, whats in it for the Army? The regulars train their own and also take qualified radiographers as Direct Entry soldiers, so what would make you appealing to the service? What happens when you get 'totally disillusioned with that course' with taking pictures; sorry X-Rays & Imaging?

    Good luck my friend...

  10. What!? Leviticus I dont really understand. I'm funding myself through training, i recieve an NHS busrasry and work 4 evenings a week to fund my studies. The Army dont give me a penny. I'd like to join the T.A once qualified to add that extra dimension to my life and employ my clinical skills. Whats in it for me??? Something a little different, good mates, hopefully a bit of travel and a few beer tokens. The T.A get a qualified Radiographer/Physiotherapist and ex Marine willing to give up his weekends..

    Am i missing sometihng?
  11. No You're not missing anything, Leviticus is just being a cynical old sod.

    Anthing I can do to help, please PM me.
  12. does that include me too?
  13. I would never call you cynical, you old sod :)

    You know I luv ya really xx