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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by callump, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am currently a student half way through my second year on a diagnostic radiography course, and am considering my options post qualification. (Assuming i make it through :p )
    Having done some searching through google and on here i have found the answers to some of my questions but not quite all, so any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    Firstly, a lot of the information online is regarding student entry. The rolefinder would suggest that by bypassing the degree, as a direct entry radiographer you would start as a Lance Corporal, is that correct? and what would a typical salary be?

    Secondly, i know there are people on here who are radiographers in the army, so do you enjoy it? are you glad you do it? and how does it compare to the NHS?

    Finally (for now :p ) does anybody have any information about radiographers in the other services, i realise this may not be the best place for information, but its worth a shot.

    Any information greatly appreciated :)

  2. pm techtechtech or gado, but i haven't seen them around much! Where are you training?
  3. Mate of mine was a lance corporal in the ta infantry and a radiographer in work. He went to teach military skills to the local field hospital and realised that all the radiographers were captains and majors. Lance corporal seems a bit low for a degree qualified professional. I suspect on entry you'll do the vicars and tarts course that last ten weeks and then you'll be commissioned.
  4. I'm not certain on the promotion issue although I think you will make Corporal pretty much straight away - if we're recruiting when you qualify. It's then 5 more years to Sergeant.
    As for the job - I love it, although never having worked properly in the NHS I'm probably not the best to ask.
    The differences between the services are quite minor - except for the fact that the Army have all the best Radiographers.
  5. Currently the army is fully manned with radiographers which is why there were no students recruited last year. There may however be the opportunity to take either 1 student or direct entry qualified this year. Even though it is a degree course all radiographers enlist as Pte's and following basic training are promoted to substantive LCpl/acting Cpl. Once you have undertaken and passed the necessary courses and received a recommendation for promotion you will become a substantive Cpl. Promotion to Sgt is 5 years after basic training, again after completion of necessary courses and recommendations.
    I'm sure you will be given many opinions of what it is like to be a radiographer in the army, all I would say is that all jobs have good and bad points. You will not necessarily specialise in one particular modality but will have opportunities, both professionally and militarily, that you would not have in the NHS. I would suggest you look into it closely and decide if it is for you. The best place for information is RAMC Recruiting at AMD. They will forward any questions onto the necessary individuals.
    Promotion is faster in the Navy and the RAF for radiographers but they do not have commissions so if this is a long term aspiration then the army is the only Service with commissioned radiographer technical officers. Before anyone says there is one in the RAF that is an MSO role not a technical officer post. Both RN and RAF are also fully manned but may look at recruiting a very small number of students or direct entries this year.
    As for the TA, it is recommended that all radiographers now enlist as Pte's as there is a move towards the "one army concept". They do have more opportunity to commission but must pass certain criteria before they would be considered.
    Hope this answers your questions.
  6. I think it was Chaucer that said "truth will out!"

    As for the OP, in the short term, it matters not which service that you pick, we all do the same job. I will say that there is far, FAR more job satisfaction in the services than in the NHS, and I think that we are treated better in the services than the NHS staff are treated in the NHS, but for Christs sake don't tell Voodoo_child. That head is big enough already!
  7. Thanks, im at Teesside Uni, and am in placement at James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough, ill also be spending some time in the summer at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton :)

    Thanks for the information guys, especially with regard to current recruitment, as it stands, i wont be qualifying untill summer 2012, so ill probably worry about who's recruiting in the NHS/forces nearer the time.

    Just another few quick questions picked up from some of the things mentioned so far, do RN recruit radiographers externally? i cant seem to find any information on RN careers, however i have seen pictures of RN radiographers, including an unusual picture of a radiographer with "Royal Navy Commando" and the marines dagger on his shoulder.

    Also, im not very up on army abreviations,
    ive got as far as knowing RAMC, but im unsure of AMD?

  8. A very comprehensive answer from voodoo child. But pehaps commissioning is a long term aspiration for a newly-qualified radiographer and we should stress that the job brings the opportunity for work and experience they wouldn't get in the NHS.
    Radioactiveman is quite right when he says that differences in the three Services are minimal, especially when it comes to everyday working. He is, however, completely wrong in his final statement.
    One cannot deny that the pay over the first 6-12 years of a career will be better in the RAF and significantly better in the RN. Provided callump meets the minumum requirements then he/she could be a CPO on approx ?37k within 5 years of qualifying. Adding up the difference between that and the Army rate over 12 years makes quite a large sum.

    But money isn't everything of course, and perhaps Callump would like to wear green rather than light or dark blue!
  9. AMD - Army Medical Directorate

    Yes the Navy recruit,
  10. There is just a little something about that writing style, I wonder..................who could that be?
  11. I was just thinking the very same myself...........
  12. Speaking as a civvy, if you can join it! I've never regretted my career choice and I LOVE being a radiographer, but the NHS is getting shittier by the day. My one regret is that i didn't join up after I qualified like I planned.
  13. It's a fair cop.
    Glad to see that 'The Morale Thieves' didn't break you completely.