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Radiography question

Hi, does anyone know when the radiography selection board might b e sitting this year? Im trying to transfer in to the corps and Ive been told Ive got through to interview but no when this might be. Thanks, JD.
Woart said:
Board will be 23/24 Feb 09
Many thanks for the info, I've now (finally) had the letter through telling me the same but giving me absolutely no more detail than that.

Does anyone know what is involved in the selection?

All I know is that I will have to go somewhere (not been told where) on either the 23rd or 24th of Feb (if I've read the letter correctly) and I'll find out more nearer teh date. It's already fairly fecking close to the date now!!

Is the AMS always like this or is it an initiative test as part of the selection process?

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