Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by moo-stache, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Im a radiographer in the TA, and have been a part of the reserves for about yr and half now and loving it. However I am seriously considering going regular but would really like to discuss the ins and outs of being a full time army radiographer at a MDHU.

    Are there any Regular Radiographers out there that could answer some of my questions??

    Any advice would be much appreciated!! :eek:
  2. Yes there are regular radiographers out there, what do you want to know?
  3. Well, firstly:

    how does every day working life differ from working as a civvie radiographer in the NHS? do you just work in one of the MDHU's which is part military part NHS, but just rotate through general xray, a&e, CT etc...?

    Do you live in barracks just like regular soldiers, and just commute to work?

    Do you get to do the "green" stuff (that perhaps more of the combat support arms would do)?

    Do you feel that you get the best of both worlds, where you can practce radiography but still enjoy a military lifestyle as well?

    Are there lots of opportunities for CPD?

    Cheers for getting back to me!
  4. see PM

    but we have not done any real work for years. It's ace :D
  5. In what way?

    You speak for yourself. Some of us work way harder than we need too, but not I, not for a while anyway & the weather is wonderful xx

    *(Yawn / Stretch)* xx
  6. Although Gado does like a bit of hard work every now and then!
  7. If you do decide to join you will be entilted to a Golden Hello of £4500 at the end of Phase One Training.

    This is the same for all qualified Radiog's, ODP's, Clin Phys, BMS's who bring certified medical qualifications to the Army and who are fully registered with their respective Medical Councils. This obviates the need for Phase 2 training that might otherwise take as long as 5 years to complete.

    Applicants receive the Advanced Level payment upon successful completion of Phase 1 training. They do not attend Phase 2 training but undertake a period of induction in their first unit.

    I hope this helps

    Further info can be sort from RAMC Recruiting on 01276 412630
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies..much appreciated!! and much help too :D

    think ill need to sit down and talk it over with somone face to face though, or perhaps try full time reserve for a wee bit, to get an idea. I have only been qualified for a couple of years so im still relatively new, not sure where I would fit in, in the whole training aspect. probably at the begginning of the 5 year training phase!

    But its definately food for thought.

    Just one more question for you all though:

    Do you enjoy what you do? or would you rather be working for the NHS? Im not sure I feel fulfilled, so that is part if the reason why i want to join the army (or even another service).

    Do you feel that the army gives you what you want out of a lifestyle, and a profession?

  9. I wont give you my "professional" history in the open fourm, but please seen PM xx
  10. Lol, not as often as I'd like these days Foxy. I'm once again posted & feel along way from home xx
  11. Typical, I always seem to just miss out on these things. I missed the new 8 year bonus by 3 weeks!! I'm sure it's a conspiracy.
  12. I manage to turn up nearly every day :evil:

    How is the sunburn?

    I am fairly sure that I was quite explicit on this very point, swear words were used. I don't think I could be any more clear.
  13. Lol lots, calm down ex-boss, remember your blood pressure xx Can I guess what you said?

    I suppose I can't argue with nearly everyday. At least I escaped.

    The sunburn has turned into lovely smooth tanned skin, it's the humidity though thats proving interesting. My hair could never before be descibed as sleek, but now? fuzz ball springs to mind :)