Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Happy_holidays, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Ok bit of background. I'm currently a student doing my A levels at college. I've applied for uni (for Paramedic courses) through UCAS this year and been rejected from everywhere after interview. As such I will be re-applying to uni next year. If I don't get in then I was thinking about a career in the Army as a Radiographer.
    What I want to know is when would I have to apply by to be able to start in Sept 09 and would be the last opportunity to pull out if I was to get an offer for uni.
    And for those who wonder why Radiographer not CMT if I'm applying for Paramedic courses at uni its because I would be quite happy being a Paramedic in civvie street but from what I've read I don't think I'd like being a CMT (no offence guys). Plus Radiography has always interested me and is what I want to do if I can't become a Paramedic.
  2. The answer you want: 220 points from 3 A levels in specific subjects required. Selection board is Feb/Mar and paperwork needs to be in Glasgow before Jan 09. You must commence Phase 1 training by May to pass out before the course starts in Sept.

    The answer you dont want: You need results of A levels before May and it sounds very much that you only want to do radiography in the Army if all else fails - not really a very good impression to give is it?. With very few places each year only those who manage to convince us that their only reason to exist is to be a radiographer make it passed the board. If you are still considering uni then you would probably be excluded at that stage.
  3. I will be getting my A level results this August so that won't be a problem. As for other uni applications I would probably hear from them in around March/early April.
    As for it being an 'All else fails' option it isn't really as I've been looking at joining the Army for quite a few years. When it comes to the Paramedic or Radiographer thing when I was applying to uni it is extremly difficult to make a personal statement appeal to more than one subject and so I was forced to choose one which ended up being Paramedic. If I don't get into uni for paramedic or army for Radiography next year I will just end up having to apply for Radiography through Clearing and then see if the Army will sponser me through uni and I'll join after uni. Even if I become a Paramedic I'll probably join the TA once I've finished training.
    Basically if I did apply to do Radiography and I got a place I would put in 100% effort and definatly wouldn't see it as a 'second best' choice.
  4. Ah. does that mean I can go home?
  5. edited for double post mongness
  6. ahhh, the other way into the radiographer trade!
  7. 'Fraid to say the Army does not sponsor radiographers thought uni so I would discount that option. Suggest that if you decide to do radiography that you speak to your ACIO and see which qualifications you need. If you have the required subjects they will put you in contact with the relevant people.
  8. No, you must have managed to convince someone!
  9. No your trade was desperate at the desperate you took anybody.......including him of little hair and little height!!!! :wink: