Radiographer/Sonographer needs advice on TA RAMC/QARANC

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by halomonkey, May 2, 2009.

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  1. As the title says, I have an acquaintance who lives in the Glasgow area and is interested in joining the TA possibly in the same role as her civvy job which is Radiographer/Sonographer. However she is not 100% sure if she wants to to do that or perhaps do something different but she definitely wants to be in a medical role. Basically she needs to speak to someone from both RAMC and QARANC to get a true idea of what she wants to do. She is under the impression she wont be wanted in any other role than her civvy job due to the fact she is 38.
    So, to finally get to the point, can anyone help with phone numbers of nice, friendly people,in a QARANC/RAMC TA unit? Preferably in the Glasgow area, that she could chat to and possibly arrange a 'go see', so she can decide what's for her? I've tried the QARANC home page and the link to phone numbers doesn't work.
    Thanks in advance

    Thiis post is also in the TA forum ;)
  2. Halo, ping Liz the Nurse so she gets it when she gets back from the lash, the dirty hoooer. :D

    She may be able to help xx
  3. Cheers Sluggy, surprised you're sober enough to type,thought they'd be pouring you home by now ;)
  4. Stop taking the lash dear.......
  5. As if :D ( I couldn't find an 'innocent' icon)
  6. This one time at Band Camp, right.

    He he he he heeee xxxx
  7. Ok it worked I am totally lost :? Oh and I'll have you know it was the Flying Eagle Capturing Running Bear Enlightenment Camp I attended!
  8. Now, if you had said duuurty hooower then I may have thought that you did mean me.

    Halo, tell your chick that I'm more than willing to be available for advice on stuff that concerns part timers of the nursing / medical sort.

    Oh, does she want to deploy?

    Liz theeee Druuunk Nurseeey
  9. I'm sure you could convince her to deploy at some point Liz :D
  10. Thanks cbg but got a contact :D