Radiographer Selection Board

I am due to sit the board for radiography next month.

In the joining instructions they have asked me to:

Candidates will be given 30 minutes to write an essay on the “Role of an Army Radiographer”. You should cover the training process, the deployed and non deployed roles and your reasons for wanting to become a military radiographer.

I have searched everywhere for deployed and non deployed roles and finding it pretty hard to get answers.

I can get loads on civilian radiographer just not a military radiographer.

Also does anyone know what type of questions I will be asked so I can prepare for my interview, I have to do it in front of a panel and never had an interview like that before.

Ant help and advice will be highly appreciated.

Hi, sorry you didn't get any responses. Hope all went well.
I am applying to be a radiographer in the army as a student. Can I ask how the interview went and the sort of questions you were asked? Was there a lot of competition?
Hello there,
Hope ur last year radiography selection went well. Im going on the next board. Can you describe me the selection process as i still havent got my joining instruction. What i can do to prepare myself? How does the board runs ?
Thank you

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