Radiographer or CMT?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Ventress, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think this is a Wah.
  2. I think I agree with you.
  3. It wasnt supposed to be! I guess i just walked in to that one . . . .

  4. WTAA : what takes you to radiography as a possible career?
  5. WTAA, if you have to ask then its CMT for you!
  6. Yes you did :roll:

    On a more serious note there is a world of difference between your 2 choices.

    What quals have you got and have you looked at all trades in the RAMC and if so, why choose those 2 :?
  7. One is a radiographer with what passes for a career in the RAMC these days and the other one is allowed to put up tents for the Grey Mafia.
  8. I would'nt bother with either - as a CMT you'll just get treated like a sencond class citizen - even if you do get any rank - and the other - you'll get attached to field hospitals and get treated like a second class citizen!!!
  9. There you go; do nursing and if you are not a complete munter you have a vague chance of marrying one of the 3 doctors still in the AMS and retiring to a nice village somewhere to grow corns and a big bum.
  10. Must only be 2 left - I'm a doctor in the AMS, and I'm married already.


  11. I must say - Marrying a doctor sounds like a plan. I dont think i am a munter, who knows! Apologies for the essay - once i go in to one, i really go off!

    Basically i have worked in a Radiography department before, although it was tough and you had never ending non ill people, i really enjoyed it. I basically want to take this up a level. Its a bit of a random reason, but thats just me. i guess i cant explain why! I went for the CMT vote because when i grow up (i have no idea when this will happen, i am 22 now!) i want to eventually train to become a paramedic. In civvie street this is a mighty hard job to get in to, for a start you are looking at fees, accomodation in London etc. Working where i do, i have daily contact with the military, and i do know it wont be the life of luxury, i guess i just want to go for it!

    I havent really looked in to any of the others beacuse this is the route i want to take, i have a National Diploma in Applied Science and varying GCSE grades.

    PS - I am kinda half way there for the village and the Corns!
  12. but arent you TA?
  13. Single doctor . . . ?