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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Tubbyboy, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm serving in another Corps and pretty unhappy. For a few years now I've been considering transferring to RAMC as a Radiographer but I can't find much info about what the career is like. The Army careers weebsite is pish for anyone thinking of transferring BTW.

    So.... what are career opportunities like as a Radiographer? What is the promotion like? What do people think of this as a career path?

    I must say my reasons for wanting to transfer. I have always been interested in a medical career but I am married to a nurse so that is kind of out as I would hate working for the NHS upon leaving. I started being interested in Radiography as a career while I was with a Fd Hosp on Telic. The technical aspects of the job interest me as well.

    Sorry if I am rambling a bit but EM has appeared in the guise of a gin bottle....

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. where do you think radiographers work when not deployed? and where do you think most work when they get out?

    Lay off the gin.
  3. Give Shrivenham (Cranfield University RMCS) a call. That is where my sister did her degree in Radiography as a civvy. She worked in the NHS until recently. Now her and her husband (also a diagnostic radiographer) emigrated to NZ and are having a great time.
  4. its a good career move although x-ray techs tend to be dull but very good at pressing buttons.
  5. My bad, I meant I wouldn't like to work in the NHS as a nurse.

  6. like I said Tubster, lay off the gin my friend!

    Good luck, if you need a contact in the Army radiographer world drop me a PM, I am very good friends with the 2 top irradiated honchos.
  7. don't know how it works in the land of green, but you DO realise in civvy strasse its a 3 year degree course to be a radiographer, you can't just pole up and get trained as you go along??
  8. You only like your job because you can touch up smelly old fat people and get your jollies.

    Medical? My arrse!!!!!! :lol:
  9. I realise that, it's one of the big draws to be honest. I'm in a job where, unless I get onto a very specific career path I'll end up retiring with absolutely no marketable skills.

    Being closer to 30 than 20, I'm starting to think about what I do after the Army and what career I can have while still in.

    Tubs (pre-gin)
  10. in that case go for it! I LOVE it, been qualified since '90 and can't imagine doing anything else! It has its downsides but the good outweighs the bad x100! Its fast changing and never gets boring because there are so many branches to explore. Good luck with it, we need more boys in the profession
  11. Did my training at Shriv as a civvy - there were 3 military on the course (1 army, 2 navy) who did the clinical placements at Haslar and it was still a 3 year degree course for them.

    Unfortunately Shriv has now closed for undergrads in all fields, including Radiography. I don't know who got their contract but I think it could have gone back to Oxford.
  12. 3 years to learn to take photo's! But I think you'll find whether in green or pink the training and Degree qualification are the same.
  13. no Lev...the three years training allows us to accurately judge which items of humanity need removing from the gene pool with a well placed bolt of hexerays to the crotch :D
  14. Jesus, where do you work, and what drugs are you taking?

    nope, God bless the university of central England!

    Fcuk you very much :lol:
  15. Have you tried speaking to the RAMC Recruiting team? They have info on radiography and can put you in contact with Filberts " 2 top honchos" who will give you some pointers on the trade.
    I personally think the profession is underestimated with variety and opportunity beyond most of the technical trades - but then I would. OK the postings can be limited but you can't have everything.
    If you want to be considered for the Sept 08 course then you will have to get a move on as the selection board will be the first week in March and your paperwork needs to be at APC by the end of Jan for the board.