Radioactive Russian hardware

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Legs, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Saw this by chance. A huge amount of radioactive hardware left behind to rust after the battle to contain the Chernobyl incident.

  2. Cheers for that legs.
    They do tourist trips around that area (not sure if its legal) and they lend out geiger counters (spelling?) so you walk up to things and hear the tone of it change 8O
    Banksy has been out there so they say and left his mark as well.
    click linky thing

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  3. Well informed rumour at one time reckoned some of the heavy plant used in the area was sold on by unscrupulous persons. Aparently most of those involved didn't live out their three score and ten to spend the profit
  4. You can get an escorted tour of Pripyat and the surrounding area.
  5. Why do I have a feeling that if that were to occur over here there would be a lot of fatigue partys scrubbing Landrovers with brasso until they felt the radiation had vanished.
  6. There was this bird called Irena that took some very good photo's:

  7. Excellent find. Some particularly poetic descriptions to her photos helped, not hindered, by the limited English.
  8. These pics came with a very good write up.. then I found somewhere on the web that claimed that the pass she got to enter the area was faked and that she never knew/met/was not related to the senior ranking figure that issued the pass and it was all faked... however cracking photos.. very eerie...
  9. well, perhaps I'm late to this thread, but i have to say that the site English-Russia is sneeky anti Russian propaganda, nothing is to be believed, particulary the site admins fake 'accent'. how ya all doin' in Chicago by the way :)

    Hmm, there is a persistent story that the liquidation units didn't even know they were going into a radioactive environment, it is not true, they knew what they were doing...........
  10. I may be wrong but I think that she was exposed as a walt some time ago.
  11. I believe all the Heavy Lift Helo crews were dead within a year,they had radiation packs on board that told them the doses they were getting,after the first 2 weeks they knew what the SP was,and just turned them off,regardless of the politics incredibly brave people.