Radio4 debate on Armed forces budget. 1230hrs...

Radio4 are about to hold a debate on the armed forces budget (1230hrs).

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Is it time for a radical solution to defence budget problems? Col Tim Collins, the Army commander famous for his inspirational "eve of battle'' speech in Iraq, has called for the RAF to be disbanded but is this a step too far?
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PS, Tim collins has already been on as a prelude, and i must say did a failry decent job of putting over the point that you have to work within your budget. Take note Tony!
Must admit, it was a bit of an anti-climax.

Collins gave a good account of himself and the forces, but some of the other contributors were sub-standard in their defence of the armed forces budget.

A couple of obviously deluded civvies ranting about scrapping )or vastly reducing) the defence budget and spending it on things like the NHS and the police etc. Don't they see that labour already throws money at these things and still don't get results.

Wow, what an argument that was :roll:

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