Radio1 big weekend free tickets

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Carlos TJ, May 13, 2011.

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  1. if anyones got tickets for Saturday could I ask a favour please

    My little cousin Fiona Clayton will be performing on the "Introducing Stage" at around 2:45 I think
    she has been playing in front of 1000+ crowds since she was 15 but this will be by far her biggest gig and she quite nervous so if any of you that are going
    could spare some time to show and friendly face and support her that would be fantastic.

    Heres a clip from last year (very small label so no money for a decent Video as yet)
    YouTube - Room Full Of Owls - Heartbeats Official Video[/url]

  2. Nom Nom Nom

    Does she put out/wear seethrough rude clobber on stage/love chugging older man cock etc

    That video remind me of dead mans shoes

    Just googled her up, very tidy, are you sure you want Bill oddies up front and center shouting that "Cousin carlos sent us" and showing her what they have up their kilts
  3. crack on humphy, fill your boots lol
  4. wish her all the best, not my cuppa tea however that doesn't mean i can't turn up with a sign stating how you forced me to be there...