Radio Traffic?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by MP72, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of some recordings of cold war era radio traffic? At one point I'd had it saved from youtube but a hard drive crash ensures that I've lost all of that. Any trainspotters here that can help?
  2. Not actually Cold-war, but I do have a link to what is ostensibly WW2 radio chatter.
  3. If it's any help, I can remember the words.

    Chatter? I recall endless days of imposed radio silence.
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  4. Hello 21, this is 21A over.
    Hello 21, this is 21A over.
    Hello 21, this is 21A, radio check, over.
    Hello 21, this is 21A, radio check, over.
    21A, nothing heard, out to you. Hello 21B, this is 21A, radio check over.
    Hello 21B, this is 21A, radio check, over.

    Hello 21A, this is 0, we're on radio silence. Out.
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  5. H 0 t/i c/s F21A K
    H 0 T/I C/S F21A K
    0 K
    0 SEND K
    F21A R-.-
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  6. CQ de 0A INT QRK K


    Пайка 40, Пайка 40 это Таблица 51 Как слышите меня
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  7. 'Neat, Bravo nine zulu two-five, Charlie four four plus eight Tiger Fast two-five'
    'roger two five, parrot sweet, strangle two'
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  8. ACAB de 0A ZBM2 K
  9. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    If I had ever known that the indecipherable Russian chatter, filling my headset, when I was trying to pass my RRU cadre, was ever going to be a) valuable or b) of historical interest. I would have recorded it, unfortunately I didn't and so haven't, but at least one of the Russian radio operators was female and sounded sexy (my imagination may have been running away with me on a cold wet German training area).
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  10. There are probably boxloads of tapes in my Mum's attic of all shades of HF net from about '83 to '87.
  11. "Sunray has rolled his landrover over on the Hannover flyover, over".
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  12. "I'm a happy bear.....are there any other happy bears out there?"

    "Unknown call sign, this *sigs nco's callsign*, get off the net otherwise you'll be on a charge!"

    "He's not a happy bear is he?"
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  13. "21A, this is 21B, can you contact 21c and....oh shi....dammit.....ignore my last!"
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  14. "theres a huge black bloke dancing on my car sarge"

    "Constable remember your PC training think it through and send message again"

    "Zulu Tango Sierra over"
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