Radio Systems Operator

I'm asking this on behalf of a mate and hopefully will get some decent unbiased answers but he'd like to know if Radio Systems Operator is any good as he has chosen it, he was meant to be a Special Operator but the vetting is going to take too long and he won't be allowed to wait?
Not that the new trade is significantly different from Rad Op anyway. Just finished my trade training and tbh, it emcompasses a little bit of the Uud (ED) and Tech job descriptions anyway (probably why it's God's trade lol)
You have just finished trade training and already you seem to think its Gods trade? :D

I take it that must be part of phase 2 training these days then?

The ability to talk bo**ocks :D
You wont find yourself in a work shop unless you are in the queue for tech support ;) :D

More often than not you will find yourself at a Brigade Signal Squadron working from a 432, or in a Signal Regiment on a Landrover.

But there is often a bit more variety than that too, you could find yourself down in Bulford building tented cities :D

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