Radio(s) used in Saracen Mk6

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Flaggie, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Guy on another forum I visit has the following question "I am trying to get info on the radio sets/equipment that would have been fitted to the Saracen APC MK6, can anyone help?"

    Any ideas? Or should I ask this in the AFV forum?
  2. What year would that be?
  3. They would have been fitted with Larkspur and the radios were C16 & C32 IIRC
  4. Unless a couple of radios passed me by, there was no C16 or C32. Could you be thinking of C13 (HF) and C42 (VHF)?
  5. That's the thingies! I am old & befuddled & bow to your superior knowledge!
  6. do you mean in their first deployment. Or when they were pulled out of reserve and reactivated for use in NI in the 1980s was it?
  7. C13 later replaced by C42 (HF)
    B47 (VHF)
  8. As I remember it they were a bit like this:

  9. You can achieve 11ft of comms with them, or a tin can alternate, and yes, you can interconnect them. Doesn't matter how many legs you have, each one will only 'reach' 11ft.
    I saw it on Brainiacs - Science Abuse
  10. About the same range as the A40 and the PRC349 then?

    This guy is restoring a Saracen and simply wants the radios in it to "look the part" so I'll ask him what period he wants his vehicle to belong to. He's also after sources of suitable Larkspur vehicle sets, even if not working. Anyone any ideas/sources?
  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Saracen was fitted with Larkspur Harness A which was normally HF based as in C13, with 47 VHF as troop net, command Vehs would have had an extra C13 high power, only later did the fit an all VHF kit with C42 VHF replacing the C13 HF set,
  12. Cheers. Will pass that on. Was the C13/B47 combo replaced by just one C42, or two (e.g. one for tp net and one for sqn)?

    And did you (or anyone else) ever see a Saracen with Clansman (VRC321 and/or VRC353)? The reason I ask is that these are easily obtainable, if somewhat expensive, so if he can't find Larkspur kit he could fit Clansman and claim his Saracen is kitted out as it would have been towards the end of their service life.
  13. Never saw a Saracen with Clansman. IIRC, my Saracen was replaced by a Spartan in 1978 about a year before the QDG CVR(T) fleet went through the Clansman upgrade programme so I doubt very much if any Saracens were fitted out.