Radio Quiz

Hey Kevin, its Lancashire-FM, do you want to play the game?

Kevin: Yeah, sure.

Presenter: O.K., you know the rules Kevin, so lets start. Question 1 - When was the last time you had sex?

Kevin: Ha Ha, well errrr..., about 8 o'clock this morning.

Presenter: And how long did it go for Kevin?

Kevin: Hmmmmm .... about 10 minutes.

Presenter:10 minutes? Good one. And where did you do it?

Kevin: Ohhhh , I can't say that.

Presenter: There's a holiday to Corfu at stake here Kevin!

Kevin: O.K. ... O.K. ... On the kitchen table.

Presenter:(and others in the room - much laughter). Good one Kevin, now is it O.K. for us to call your wife?

Kevin: Yeah, alright.

Presenter: Hi Sharon, how are you?

Sharon: Hi. Good thanks.

Presenter: (Explains competition again) We've got Kevin on the other line, say hello.

Sharon: Hi Kevin.

Kevin: Hi Sharon.

Presenter: Now Sharon, we're going to ask you the same three questions we asked Kevin and if you give the same answers, you win an all inclusive holiday trip for two to Corfu.

Kevin: Just tell the truth Love.

Sharon: O.K.

Presenter: Sharon, when was the last time you had sex?

Sharon: Oohhhh, noooooo. I can't say that on radio.

Kevin: Sharon, it doesn't matter, go ahead. I've already told them.

Sharon: O.K. ... About 8:00 this morning before Kevin went to work.

Presenter: Good, nice start! Next question. How long did it go on for Sharon?

Sharon: (giggling) About 12, maybe 15 minutes.

Co-Presenter: That's close enough ... Kevin was just being a gentleman.

Presenter: O.K. Sharon, final question. Where did you do it?

Sharon: Oh no I can't say that. My mum could be listening. No way, no.

Presenter: There's a trip to Corfu on the line here.

Kevin: Sharon, I've already told them so it doesn't matter anyway.. just tell em love.

Sharon:Ohhhh .... alright .... Up the arse!

Radio Silence

The real thing here :wink:
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