Radio programme for masochists.

Cherie Blair on BBC Radio4 Woman's hour. 1000 today.

On the day her autobiography, ‘Speaking for Myself’ is officially published Cherie Blair joins Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour. Long, intimate and candid extracts of her memoirs have already appeared in many of the national newspapers, igniting a series of ferocious attacks on Mrs Blair herself. She’s been described as ‘vain’, ‘shallow’ and ‘money-grabbing’ and is accused of undermining Gordon Brown when his Premiership is at its most vulnerable. She'll be talking to Jenni about her impoverished beginnings in Liverpool, her time at Number 10, and about whether criticism of her decision to ‘go public’ is justified.

Might miss it myself :pissedoff:


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I never miss 'Womoans Hour' Always good to catch up on the latest issues regarding PMT and HRT!
And Jenni Murray is such a babe!

I recall, many years ago, being stuck at home because of a fairly serious operation, and as this was pre video and Sky was reduced to being bored by 4 channels. There was a woman type prog on, and I was watching it half-heartedly right up to the point where the presenters were demonstrating how to seduce the husband, and started changing into very sexy underwear. Then I became very switched on.

Sad, I know, but it was a long time ago.

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