radio presenters that deserve killing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 41fm77, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Ive just had the shittiest shift for months.I had to do a double manned run down south today from Glen Douglas down to Southhampton with a chap whos just started with us , he's ex Navy

    and the chap who, was doing the drive down firstly tuned the radio to radio 2 and then got all excited when he realised he could listen to that Sarah Kennedy woman, god shes soooo smug its unreal.

    If I ever have to hear that feckin cat and seagull noises again then I'll be wanting hunt her down and shove the sound effect tape somewhere where the sun dont shine. and pointless stories and sayings that seem to have no relevance to what she was gibbering about before going off track,to mention them

    and then when it came to some guff called Showtime he almost wet his pants and began to, sing along with the tune, gawd knows was as it sounded like a cats chorus with his singing and the racket from the radio

    I'm sure his Highness the Emperor Mong had a hand in giving me the day from hell what with making me listen to Sarah Kennedy and having to put up with the whining of an ex navy,shirtlifting cnut
  2. The morning BFBS bloke from Bolton with the most annoying accent ever, apparently Euros are Oi-Ros and he can only talk utter sh-ite. 20 minute journey to work yesterday and he and his slapper side kick just burbled drivel all the way there about how someone had stolen an air freshener from the BFBS studios. I mean, who cares.
  3. I've "friends" who insist on having radio2 on...

    AAAaaaargh!!!! Sarah "wizend" Kennedy FFS, Wogan et al.

    (Okay it got a bit better when Ken Bruce came on with the music quiz).

    Classic FM is just as bad.

    Glen Douglas? Should've gone awol at Luss...
  4. I quite like Sarah - can't stand that mong in the afternoons - Steve Wright. But I know where to find the off switch on the radio.
  5. Steve Wright in the 80's was excellent.

    Mr. Fish filleter etc...

    Now - jaded.

    Sarah kennedy - archaeol.. arkay-o..... f*ck it!!! Archaic.
  6. Chris Moyles deserves a slow and painful one, annoying, arrogant, fat, cnut of a bullying feck!

  7. lol Sparky I was thinking of going awol at Gretna services just before the border :D when I found out that Wogan was still alive
  8. Remember a certain Richard Nankevel on BFBS in the eighties? what an annoying arrogant arrse wipe he was. Needed f*cking with a ragmans trumpet.
  9. At least he was only on the radio, not in front of you doing an interview and touching your knee :D

    Never, ever, ever go awol at Gretna!!!

    Even if you escape marriage you'll end up as a witness at a chav wedding and guaranteed the photos will be on bebo and someone from your mob will recognise you!!

    Lucky "escape" you had there :D
  10. Jo fcuking Whiley any chance she can it's students this and that and she's got a moonheid for a sibling
  11. Tim Westwood must win , hands down.
  12. Chris Moyles and Russel Brand. They both should be tied to a demolition ball and smashed round radio 1 for the day.
  13. Can't believe that Tim Vine (comedian) and Jeremy are brothers *cough*

    Bretta - WTF happened to the Embra crawl???
  14. They let that oxygen thief on air?! Russel Brand should be minced up and thrown into tins of pedigree fecking chum. Best place for the long haired, asexual-whatever-the-feck-he-calls-himself cnut!
  15. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Moyles is about the most irritating radio presenter ever. Even worse than Chris Evans who does have a slight sense of humour which is faintly entertaining every so often.

    Classic FM...Margeurita Taylor's voice is about the sexiest thing going. Rots my socks anyway.