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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by poplarcons, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    My son is on week 9 of basic at Lichfield and has just found out he can't have an Area Operator job, been offered Radio OP instead can anyone one give him any advice whether to take it or come out all together he is really depressed about it.

  2. If you look through the subjects in this forum there was one on the trades merging (sometime .... maybe) into one ICS Operator anyway!! Rad op as we know it is dying slowly with the old Clansman going (kicking and screaming) and the new Computer driven Bowman system taking over so he may end up doing the same job anyway
  3. Many thanks, I have just relayed your message by text, he was absolutely gutted when he found out. Hopefully that wil put his mind at rest.
  4. Yep...tell him to go for RS Operator. As already suggested, those trades are merging, so he'll end up with the same opportunities 2 or 3 years from now anyway. Result!
  5. Yea, mint you get to do a bit of everyone elses job (driver, mechanic, anything else they need) without any extra pay or training and they expect you to know it all. Hmmmm how about we give out some HF kits to these people and see how well they do our job

    Particularly bitter today
  6. Err, perhaps you might like to join the American Army instead. They'll never expect you to work outside of your comfort zone.

    Or are you missing the point completely? The beauty of the job is its varied nature. Every 2 or 3 years, the fickle finger of fate sends you to a new place, with new challenges, new opportunities, new skillsets to learn. If that doesn't float your boat, might I tactfully suggest the Infantry, or the Gunners. They generally stay in one place a lot longer than we Scaleys do, so you might find you are mentally challenged slightly less. Failing that, and, given your lack of mental flexibility you probably would, you could always apply to the local council for a job on the Bin Wagons. That way, you could spend the rest of your life without anyone making unreasonable demands upon your ingenuity. :wink:
  7. Oi hobnob.

    Not sure when the last time you were down the A veh park but i do seem to remember at a distant posting from where i am now being told everything on the mechanical wonder that is the afv 43 series Mk 3. was a crew job by the dam LAD. These are the places you spend less time doing your job and doing everyone elses.
    Although some of the best times ive had in that mans army is when i have been pushed out of my comfort zone and tried somthing new.
    But higround all you can do is be dam good at your job when you get the chance and remeber how TG's used to live.
    Be good at everyone elses job.
    Be the best at ours.
    Ahhh gods trade.
  8. Really!! Jack of all trades and master of none!
  9. Ignore Higround he is just bitter and twisted that he cant work with the armour that he came to love.
  10. Ignore Higround he is just bitter and twisted that he cant work with the armour that he came to love.
  11. Time wasn't that Rad Op's