Radio Op in Royal Sigs v RLC Driver/Radio Op (differences?)

Just wondered what/any difference between joining TA royal sigs as a radio op and joining RLC as a (Driver)/Radio Op in so far as training/role/equipment etc?? Also RLC web site doesn't give much away.... but would you be just using comms equipment to help loggies or setting up networks and stuff aswell (like what royal sigs do)
Can anyone recommend the trade? (sorry lots of questions on 1 post)




when i went to a RLC weekend i talked to the rad op guys and they basically live in a tent attached to the back of a land-rover with 2 different frequency radios running in the back and do batco stuff
A loggie operator just uses HF/VHF comms a R sigs operator uses many tpes of comms kit, the loggie op is similar to a inf sigs plt operator. If you mean networks as in computer networks then R Sigs does this.


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