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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by UlsterFry, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Listening Chris Moyles this morning, and it gradually dawned on me that the man is a fat, talentless waster.

    He makes himself out to be 'the saviour of radio one', when in fact he's unfunny, his 'chums' on the show are nothing more than chortling hangers-on.

    So called 'Comedy Dave' is about as funny as
    Not to mention the useless 'games', Carpark Catchphrase, where you too can hear Wayne from Wolverhampton try to guess what a fish would be doing with a paintbrush.
    'Tedious Link' where said 'Comedy Dave' witters on for a minute trying to connect two equally crap songs, which are then followed by another ten minutes of Fat Cnut himself rambling on about how great he is, and how many birds want to sh*g him.

    Opinions? Yes, I know I'm a boring cnut.
  2. I coudnt agree more, Moyles is about as amusing as testicular cancer. I have made the move to Radio 2, and will shortly be investing in a pair of slippers and a cardigan.
  3. Radio 2? :lol: :lol: :lol: Lightweight - I have switched to Radio 4.....................
  4. It happened to me some time ago. One day I was driving to work and just thought to myself 'WTF is going on here!!'. Radio 1's policy of hiring pretty faces (Moyles excepted) with zero talent has reduce the station to a precession of mindless drivel touted by knowlageless halfwits. For an example just watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks when the have a 'cool' R1 DJ one. Their musical knowlege is dire! That combined with the fact that they are censoring alot of the charts. It may be in the top 10 but it won't get air-time if it they deem the artist too 'old'. Its Logans Run in radio form.
    Townie FM.
  5. I must say I do find Colin and Edith refreshing, funny and with some decent humour too.
  6. And as for that t*sser Tim Westwood . What a c*ck!
    Enough said.
  7. Well at least you guys can get Radio 1 - we're stuck with bloody BFBS over in Germany. Hatch and Friggin' Duffus, Mario, Paul Bunker and the like... Jeeezus.

    Give me Sara Cox, Jo Whiley and Moyles any day.
  8. :D I wasnt going to admit it, but as you have broached the subject Poppy, I must admit, I love "Gardeners question time" :oops:
  9. Is that uphill gardening? :lol:
  10. Careful mate he might "drop da bomb" on you, or do other ridiculous things like "busting a cap in your G-Unit".

  11. Didn't part of his fanbase attempt to 'bust a few caps' in him a couple of years back?
  12. Moyles needs exterminating.

    He has always been an unfunny fat fcuk , as well as a fcuking motormouth , talking over records etc. Yes he does rate himself a hit with the ladies , the fat drongo.

    They should extend Mark and Lard. No fcuk that , Mark and Lard should have had the breakfast slot , ban Moyles to the graveyard shift.

    I want more 'Oh lucky you' not the cnut Moyles.

    Fat fcuk.
  13. Moyles is a fat bullying lardy fat gobby fat bloke who is his own biggest fan.

    Mark and Lard... quality radio: you could hear the tinnies being opened on air: wit, humour, good music.
  14. GQT, listen to in the bath with a large glass of red wine
  15. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    may we burn him? :twisted: