Radio One Assault Course

Heard about this on the radio earlier in the week

Basically, while Chris Moyles has been climbing Kilimanjaro, his team have been doing other challenges for Comic Relief, one of which was an army assault course.

Having seen the video, I am a bit puzzled.

Can anyone identify the location. Some of the obstacles look a bit flimsy to be a genuine assault course.
The 'staff' seem to be wearing an odd mixture of kit, which would lead me to believe that they actually went to some sort of corporate entertainment venue.

What a pity they didn't approach the Army to do the job properly.
moyles against a 12' wall with a firing squad in front of him sounds good.
GilletteCannonSLR said:
JokerR said:
At the end Carrie says shes a broken woman...
She doesn't know the meaning of broken :twisted: :twisted:
She's obviously never been bummed
So that's how you'd describe the feeling?
Wouldnt know, but she doesnt look as broken as some of the women iv seen :twisted:
The chances of getting civilians onto Military Assault courses now are slim due to changes in Qualifications required by staff to run them.

Once again the H&S Fun police popped in and cocked it up.

The old fella with the maroon lid on looked like he retired about 50 years ago
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