Definitely a Military use, particularly relevant to this new stock control system gubbins. Not sure which one I'm thinking of, either the one that's late. or the one over budget or maybe they're both the same?

Anyway, it is interesting technology , wonder if they'll tag weapons with it?
My army handlers had me injected with one years ago.

They told me they had put one on every piece of inspected entity kit in the Balkans. Only the RAF wouldn't let them use an AEW platform to illuminate them!

Good job they never found the one in agent scul...............................aaarghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine if you're missus got hold of the tracker thingy bob, not only would she know which bar you'd been in, but how much of the house keeping you'd blown! SCARY! :oops:
I would imagine, having been to the 2 links above, this technology could also be used to get very accurate positional data on troops/eqpt you have in theatre etc.

It might also be very useful in locating downed pilots/lost SF guys.

Gotta say that on the civvy side it is very Big Brother. All those worried about CCTV are at the wrong race! If this stuff comes into widespread use (as seems likely), companies/govt agencies will be able to identify your spending habits and track you 24/7. And that's before you consider the personal security issues once criminal organisations acquire the technology, as they surely will.
The technology to track you in theatre by swiping your id card hasnt been perfected yet, please, please, please dont give them ideas :cry:
My initial idea was, why do they not put a tracker in a soldiers boot and they could track a battle on a computer screen (similar to a TESEX), saving some clerk a lot of map marking, but it could also assist in the prevention of blue on blue incidents.
The yanks have got all of this technology - and more - yet it doesn't stop them from blowing everybody else up !! 8O
Ref my previous post on the big brother issues RFID raises, did anyone see last Sundays Times, or Mondays currant bun? (You must have seen the Sun?!)

Well, the story about 'a spy in every car' (or whatever) has RFID all over it. Tiny microchip in car, built into new cars, put into number plates during MOT (you know you'll be billed for that privilege!) and everytime it (microchip) passes a roadside interrogator, it will give out data. ie, current speed, next tax / MOT due dates etc. According to both articles, the police reckon they will be able to get info on 47 different traffic offences from this system and fully automate the fines for them.

Great! So, you could have had a clean licence for 20 years, have one or two lapses and end up with 9 points and £200 fines!

The justification for the system is (the police say) to increase their ability to track terrorists and drug gangs. Like these chips can help there. They'll just 'detect' guns/bombs/drugs and tell the transponder!

This system is NOT designed to cream money off the average motorist - it is DEFINITELY designed as an anti-terrorist / drug crime device!!!!!
This system is NOT designed to cream money off the average motorist - it is DEFINITELY designed as an anti-terrorist / drug crime device!!!!!


Do I detect a touch of sarcasm ??

However I must agree with you. It is another method of bleeding the motorist dry and keep many of them off the road!![/quote]

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