Radio Five Live sinks to new depths of banality

Listening to Radio Five Live now becoming a test of endurance. Clearly its editorial policy must state: "Stupid guests, stupid subjects for stupid listeners".

This morning we had a protracted debate on 'my kids turn their nose up at healthy school dinners', led by wet mothers, whose sprogs ruled their lives. The only common sense was made by a bloke who said 'force feed the buggers' but was hurried off the air for making too much sense.

Followed by a pointless report on uber large persons walking the length of the country to get fit, but clearly couldn't string a sentence together.

A good concept is being spoilt by persistent patronising presenters who smugly snigger their way through the day.

And no, Radio Four is fine as it is, but there's too big a gap between it and Five.

Sawt eet owwwt!
Couldn't agree with you more BSS - it's the same with so-called rolling news (ie News 24). The producers troll the newspapers for stories because they don't have the budgets to find their own, spend an hour phone bashing to find anyone bored enough come into a studio to waffle on about it, whack whatever fills the time slot on the air and then they trouser a nice monthly cheque (average £40,000+) from the licence-payer. They couldn't give a monkeys....

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