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Im an MA Radio Journalism student and I'm making a 20 minute radio documentary about people living with combat - related PTSD - how people adjust to life with the condition and the help on offer for them.
I was wondering if anyone who is suffering from combat - related PTSD/ has done in the past/has experienced someone close to them living with the condition would be willing to participate in the documentary by talking about their experiences and thoughts?
I've noticed there are a few threads asking for partipation with projects so I'd really appreciate help with the documentary - please let me know if you're interested and I'll give you more details
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Plenty of information online, in the public domain in print, and reams of opinions and posts - on this Site, mate.

First, if you've not asked already, it might be an idea to contact the COs (i.e. site owners & admins) to clear this with them; the word 'journalist' unsurprisingly gets people a bit suspicious, so confirming your bona fides is a good idea.

Second, does your university require you to obtain ethical approval for this sort of thing? Some - by no means all - institutions now require all students who are looking at matters such as PTSD to pass their research proposal through a research ethics committee to ensure that you aren't going to inadvertantly cause harm to their interview subjects. This is certainly true of medical faculties, and you'd be surprised how many universities apply these rules to departments and faculties which don't appear to need this sort of approval - largely done so that if someone manages to cause some harm to their subject (insensitive questionning, etc) the student and their supervisor will be the ones sued while the University washes its hands of them...

It may be that you know all this and have cleared it/don't need to do so (in which case apologies) but you might want to check if not...


Archimedes, thanks for that, because insensitive questioning usually from people who have no idea of the risks they are putting people with PTSD under, can do a lot of damage.We are not feckin guinea pigs .

Not sure whether C S would condone people approaching THEIR clients, as on good authority - CS are very careful with PTSD/Mental Health sufferers and people poking about to suit their own interests.

Michellew, you might have the best intentions mate but PTSD sufferers are not guinea pigs for folks in journalism, nor for the Quacks. Sensible points came from Archimedes, and I for one would never submit to getting poked about my clumsy amateurs. The very least safety measures would be a qualified MHN or practitioner not from the PTSD Quack School, to monitor the questions and conduct of any interviewer.

The potential damage only adds to the difficulties which PTSD sufferers have to live with. And I for one am opposed to, and worried about, people logging on to this site, just to gain from PTSD and service personnel.
Thanks for your advice
Archimedes - I really appreciate your concerns and will certainly discuss the feature further with my University. I have discussed my subject with my tutors and cleared it with the site owners as I obviously don't intend to be intrusive to the purposes of the site.

OldStripey thanks for your thoughts - obviously i realise PTSD is an extremely sensitive area - I was recommended this site by Combat Stress and am hoping to contact people who feel comfortable enough to talk about any aspect of the disorder they wish to.

I want to make the docmentary as I think PTSD is an urgent issue which is often under-publicised. I intend to make the feature based around what interviewees would like to talk about.

Apologies for any offence - and thanks for responding

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